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  1. any body from the Livingston/washtenaw county area?:wave:
  2. Jackson here. =/
  3. welcome to the city
  4. Chyeah, I get my weed in Ypsi!

  5. yea man bout half my weed comes from ypsi one of my good friends lives out there, when hes out i get it from brighton
  6. Yeah I live near Brighton! South Lyon.

    Ann Arbor is awesome for smoking because it helps get rid of the paranoia. Only a $25 ticket!
  7. hells yea dude i love ann arbor, i live out in pinckney theres a lot of back roads and nice places in the woods to smoke outside round here
    p.s. its 4:20!!!
  8. Yeahhh smoking in the woods is the best.

    Happy 420!
  9. Howell!
  10. Southwest Detroit baby.

    Welcome to the City.
  11. Flint town <--
  12. does anyone know any headshops in the flint area or within like 50 miles from flint, because im looking to buy a new tube, but i dont wanta buy a tube that isnt a name brand, i wanta make sure that it is good quality...
  13. Chyeah dude I know a few. There's Stairway to Heaven in Ann Arbor or another one in Brighton. I'm sure you could just use google too

    Stairway to Heaven is the sweetest though
  14. id say 42 degrees in ann arbor is the best one around they have a better selection than stairway
  15. Welcome to the City,...
    I grew up in Flint, went to school in Flint, returned to Flint after Nam, and spent the next 10 years (the highest years of my life) in Flint. But I didn't do winter activities, so I left for warmer climates,... the Southwest.

    Again,.... welcome to the City,... this is a great place!!!

  16. I've been gone from Flint a long time, but there used to be a great head shop called Touch by the north end of the downtown area on . I suppose that's long gone(?).

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    Welcome to the city; Detroit is both unforgiving and loving at the same time :smoking:
  18. Westland, MI over here. :wave: I cant believe I didnt find this community sooner. Very cool place to hangout online.
  19. Im from the Hartland/Brighton area but I go to school at Saginaw
  20. I live in the Pointes, ann arbor is a great place to get bud and the head shops are sweet but they charge WAY too much trust me, don't buy stuff from the shops in A2, go to them and check out what you think you would like, then go on the net and buy them, you can get them a lot cheaper. Example, my friends bought a 2 ft grafix bong at 42 degrees for like $45, while you can get them at head shops around here or on the net for like $25, so like they rip you off because its a college town that knows everyone smokes weed and will pay the prices. However, the prices of bud there are really the best, you can get the sickest bud around for like $50 an 1/8.

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