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  1. I've been hearing from friends that Michigan is on the road to legalization (I've been told decriminalization within the city limits of Lansing, Detroit and Jackson)
    Is there any credible backing to this or are they just trying to put a twinkle in my bloodshot eyes?

  2. Damn, this is good news being that I live in Michigan.

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  3. pretty much decriminalized in flint and ann arbor...aka  annsterdam
  4. i feel that Mi. will become recreational very soon....the state needs the tax money too bad not too.....and everyone already does it anyways...i mean...c'mon
  5. It's also just a fine in Grand Rapids now. No criminal charges .

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    Yup, Anna Arbor, Flint, Detroit, Grand Rapids all have reformed their marijuana laws. However the State has sovereign authority over the cities,counties and Municipalities so the state police will still be busting people untill this is changed at a State or Federal level.
  7. Yupp here in Lansing it is decriminlized, pretty cool , we are definitely making some moves
  8. Can't wait but I have my green card so I'm good now
  9. Yea I think things are looking good here in Michigan.  
  10. Hope so then the 50 can't harrass any more
  11. Hi I'm new. Sorry if wrong thread but anyone recommend where I should go in Grand Rapids to get green card? Thanks!
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    East lansing Michigan (actually a seperate city from Lansing) also is decriminalized.  
     Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids   All decriminalized 
  14. How hard would it be for someone from PA to travel to MI in search of some medical...high cbd strains preferred.
  15. Michigan, still has some really F-ed up laws about the medical growers and distribution centers. My Older brother is a legal grower there and they have really messed with his business over the years.
  16. I'm from Lansing michigan and yeah we're doing good!!!

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