Michigan Supreme Court Outlaws Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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  2. Look on the bright side : I see a state wide ballot initiative appearing in Michigan in the next 2-4 years.
  3. I live in Michigan and I got pretty mad when I heard the news this morning. It is going to be more difficult for me to get weed now cuz of this:(
  4. That's a long time for people who need access to medicine.
  5. Just another example of the MAN not liking the outcome of an election and doing an end run around the people.
  6. Yeah no arguments here. It would be nice if the legislature passed something allowing dispensaries, but I would not hold my breath.
  7. What?

  8. Yea, that's right.
  9. wow what the fuck im not in there but what the fuck is it illegal now or just dispensary's? IF dispensary's are illegal only thats even more pointless.
  10. The mitten is not in a pleasant fiscal place. Perhaps once the tax stops coming in the decision will be overturned.

    Arizona passed medicinal use three times before the state finally accepted it. Not much really surprises me anymore.
  11. That doesn't make sense. What election did the Supreme Court not like and why it would sway them to make dispensaries illegal?
  12. why? its on their end not ours weed is still legal u just have to go to a caregivers house and pay donation fee and thats it. Less tax for them they basically fucked their selfs over. Did i read that right thats what i got out of it?

  13. In 2008, the voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. This was not a bit of legislation that the state legislature passed, the people did it on their own. Politicians hate it when the people take charge. The judges on the Michigan State Supreme Court are politicians, therefore, they aren't neutral or unbiased.
  14. Why was this in the Supreme court to decide upon

  15. Someone complained and they got to interpret the law as they understood it.
  16. I don't need a history lesson as I was one of the voters who voted yes on the ballot proposal via absentee ballot back in 2008.

    You also seem to have a short memory. Remember this?

    Drugged Driving: Michigan Supreme Overturns Itself on Marijuana Metabolites Issue | StoptheDrugWar.org

    Just because the court found the law does not authorize dispensaries nor allow patient to patient selling, does not mean they are against medical marijuana. If the people want dispensaries, we need to write our politicians in Lansing or vote for another proposal in Nov 2014.

  17. Well obviously they decided you don't have the option of using dispensaries anymore. The GOP controlled Michigan Supreme Court ruled against MMJ users. Lets not forget that they are ELECTED officials who have to raise campaign dollars every couple of years.
  18. That's fucked up. Bad. Everyone who knows their information on this topic knows that the government wants to keep marijuana illegal because the pharmaceutical companies are making HUGE amounts of money by providing the public with man made synthetic drugs. Some of the medications that I am in for bipolar disorder don't even have reason to how they work. I find that marijuana helps me to stay calm, relaxed, and depression free sometimes even the day after I smoke. It is an all natural medicine that God intended us to have to consume. However, I do believe that people should not be walking down Woodward Avenue smoking a joint or blunt. Not in public, or around younger children. But that's beside the point that I'm trying to make. Think about it from the government's point of view: why would they legalize marijuana when it would be hard to regulate, hard to tax if sold on black market, etc. AND why would they legalize it when the pharmaceutical companies are making TONS of money? And, do you realize how much the government makes off of inmates, regardless of their offense? How fucked up is it that a man or woman who sold as little as a gram of weed to support his or her family gets locked up LONGER than a rapist or murderer? Sorry for the rant guys.
  19. the dispensaries in my area are still operating like nothing happened.. what about the rest of you guys? are all the shops that dont comply just gonna be raided soon or what

  20. have the shops by you decided to close down?

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