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Michigan "Sharks Breath"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Potheadlackey, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I really love the buzz. I found. Review on a different site but I'm not sure i can post the link or not. But anyways the review I found is about he same as mine. Very nice strain!

    Sorry for the crappy pics there taken on my iPhone.

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  2. Michigan sharksbreath? Or did you just cop some in MI? I have a DNA sharksbreath goin..
  3. I got it in Michigan but the strain is sharks breath
  4. Damn, deffinatly just realized I picked the worst nugs to take pics of.. Sorry guys lol I was super baked.
  6. Edit im in michigan to whatsup homie?!?~
  7. What's up bro? And I just seen that you replied. Picked up more sharks breath last night. Ill try to get some decent pics
  8. #8 Potheadlackey, Feb 21, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2013
    Here's some better pics, really dank smelling, awsome high

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  9. Smoking sharks breath over the weekend and today. Bought about 10grams. Dank!

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  10. Awesome!!! What did it cost ya?
  11. Looks nice, I'm from Michigan as well. Lots of good weed here.
  12. 8 grams for 70
  13. but the other day i picked up 2 grams for 15. so total 10 grams for 85
  14. nice stuff man, im in michigan too! oxford represent haha, when i pick up next ill take some pics and post em

    stay blazin man!
  15. Thanks man, I know where your at. Good bud in Oxford?

    Smokin some "blueberry kush". Smells like blueberry waffles when you smoke it. Very good strain. Picked up at 10/g
    Posted pics In the whatcha smokin right now thread and it won't let me post a pic of it here
  16. Michigan has some nice shit from the cities to the U.P. My sig is all buds i got from dispensaries and such from the Detroit to Yipsi and AA. I'm going out to the west side in the middle of march so i'll post some pictures from GR dispensaries. There is another guy on here from michigan and he has a nice thread as well.
  17. Not the best looking but dense and lots of crystals. Nice body high. Very nice strain (Blueberry Kush)

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  18. Sorry about the late response, i didnt see it, but yeah theres some pretty good bud here. Im picking up 2 grams tomorrow so ill definetally be posting some pics :) my guy says its appolo
  19. Smokin some Og Kush that a very good grower I know grew. Taste great out of the new bubbler

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