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Michigan - Purple OG

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Burton2, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]



    Dense and frosty 620 for 2
  2. Looks pretty good but you got jipped for being in a medi state like Michigan... i get $675/3oz of the frostiest nuggets here in Montana which has medical as well. Im picking up again soon... got strawberry kush, god bud and blue dream last time. Perfect trim on each. :smoke:
  3. Nice looks frosty man
  4. looks good a bitsteep tho.
  5. I told him y0... you michigan blades have it pretty good... thwamppp's thread is epic.
  6. Not that bad of a price for Michigan, would be almost half price just across the border though ^.^
  7. That's nice but I get it here in michigan for 10 a G and lower all that quality and better
  8. nice to hear
  9. Looks pretty good, but mad expensive. Idk your area prices tho, so w/e. Have fun haha.
  10. how much should 2 o's of something like that be 550-575?
  11. Here in VA...2 Os in the street go for 650-700. so maybe Op could do better in a medi state???, either way...nice quality and I hope you enjoy, blade.
  12. [quote name='"SmokingSection"']Here in VA...2 Os in the street go for 650-700. so maybe Op could do better in a medi state???, either way...nice quality and I hope you enjoy, blade.[/quote]

    Yea on the streets. If you have a good connection, 400-500.
  13. deffanitley depends where your getting it. 300 (or 310) an oz aint bad but if you look hard enough you can get em for 250. i can get 2 oz of the same or better quality for 475, so then again it all depends on who you know.
  14. ill fuck around and take a road trip from chi to meet some friends to smoke with its lonely out here
  15. in ohio I can buy alleged michigan medical for 800 a qp =\

  16. thats whack dude your getting ripped. $675 for 3 OUNCES OF WEED?

    this shit grows right out of the topsoil in virtually all climates where im from(Earth)

    we are all being scammed bro.

  17. Never brought up anything about good connections. I meant just street prices, but 400-500 for JUST Two onions in the hampton roads area for JUST a regular pickup in the STREETS(no major friendship, hookups), then I call bullshit.
  18. I didn't pay $675 myself, im too fucking poor to afford that much... my bro and i paid $200/oz. My friend paid $260/oz delivered and my primary connect came with and bought a $215/oz. Pretty good deals here man. My guy gets it from the shop for $200/oz... and he grows his own so you know how that goes :smoke:

    If i want supafiyachrondonikdank ill pay whatever price he says as long as it isn't over 300/oz. Anything over 10/g is a little extreme
  19. anything over 10 an ounce is whack.

    mid grade is even free where im from(Earth)
  20. You are aware that people in Vermont are paying 300-400/oz...

    Just refer to this website man (MT, CO, WA, and OR and almost every canadian province have the cheapest dank)
    The Price of Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis -

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