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Michigan Prescription?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by girlonthecouch, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I know people ask about whether or not they can get a med card all the time, and if you're in California, the answer is always "OF COURSE!". However, since Michigan's medical program is new, I'm curious as to how strict they are on issuing cards. I've had back issues since I was 14, and I've been in and out of doctors/chiropractors offices quite frequently because of it. They're not really sure why my back is in constant pain, but have suggested it could be because I have an extra vertebrae. I'm not looking for an excuse to get a card, as this is something that's plagued me for quite a while now and none of their treatments have done anything for me.

    I suppose what I'm asking is, would this qualify me for a medical card? Thoughts from someone who has a card for chronic pain would be helpful as well.
  2. Yep .. You're good to go in MI.

    What area are you in? I might be able to recommend a clinic for your paperwork.
  3. I'm in Battle Creek,it's in Southwest Michigan.
  4. Peanutbutter knows his stuff. He is right, if you can show a history of chronic pain due to a condition or previous injury you are good to go. I have some very severe head injuries and have constant headaches as well as serious migraines, this, along with the medical records from my injuries qualify me.

    If your doctor is not willing to consider that as an option, you can get your records and there are various clinics and such which will work with you.

  5. I don't know of any dispersaries that are open yet...I've heard there are a couple being built or something but its vague.
  6. I have had back problems also. I think it's because I broke it in 2 places (haha).My doctor was the one that suggested it to me ( like that was the most awesome suggestion I've ever heard). If your doctor is the same one that has been following through with you all these years, I can't believe he wouldn't help you get a permit. I also am from Michigan, Lansing, and it's easy to obtain a liscense. Good Luck and GO FOR IT!!!:bongin:
  7. Yep .. broke mine also. Many years ago.

    It went untreated.

    I also am walking on a split ankle.

    Did your doctor write up your letter? Or did you have to go to one of the clinics?
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I really hadn't even brought up the possibility of medical marijuana to my doctor yet, seeing as I wasn't even sure if I would qualify. After hearing some of your comments, it sounds like I'm good to go! Hopefully I'll be legal sometime soon. :]
  9. Now that quite intresting because to the best of knowledge Mi is 100% against ever having dispenseries. Thats why were allowed to have 12 plants but no more then 2.5oz dried and cured, that way its only enough to keep a small SOG goin for personal use (grown by the patient or his/her caregiver). If this changes it sure would be some handy info to know cuz that would change alot of things.:hello:
  10. Go for it!:hello:
  11. Question..

    I have pretty bad back pain everyday I work. I have never seen a doctor about it (no insurance) but I am thinking about it soon. How long would I have to be going to the doctors before I ask about medical mmj? I don't know if they check family history but my dads whole side of my family has really bad backs as well. I am 21 btw.

  12. Well if you go through a medical MJ clinic you have to have a diagnosis or an established Medical history showing something. I dont have insurance either and this is my stumbling block as well. Thats as far as i have gotten so far, hope that helps ya at least some.
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    Don't mean to hijack the thread but I am sort of in the same situation living in Michigan. I have pretty severe knee/leg pain in both legs and the new job I got (filing... blarg) doens't help at all because I'm standing for like 8 hours straight bending my knees constantly to get charts at the office I work at (Northwest Medical in Southfield).

    1. Should I go with medical cannabis or should I go with physical rehab or pills. (My dad, a doctor, recommends physical rehab...I haven't mentioned cannabis to him yet...)

    2.Can you get fired for being high/having THC in your system EVEN if your treating pain (and already have your card)

    I don't know... I know from self-medicating that Cannabis helps my pain but I almost feel guilty asking a doc for a recommendation, I'm only 19 and I feel the docs will think I am only trying to get high... any help is much much appreciated!
  14. Hey peanutbutter, after I gathered up the 3 or 4 pages to complete the application, I went to my DRs. office planning on dropping it off and picking it up later, but he told me to have a seat, and a few minutes later, he brought it out completed and signed. They really don't have to write much, just enough to explain what your condition is. And I believe there are more doctors out there willing to help....if they're smart enough to know the advantages of medical marijuana, and know their patient well enough to know it will help them. Most of my friends that are able to obtain a permit just believe their doctor will frown on just the thought of them asking...but what's the hurt in asking! I actually had a neurosurgeon call me and ask questions about the effects I get from it and how well it improves my lifestyle. He is writing a book about it and actually told me he wishes more doctors would open their eyes and learn more about medical marijuana. I couldn't agree more. Good Luck Daytripper
  15. I know most doctors would have you go to P.T., but if it hurts to do things like stand for a long period of time, I would tell you from first hand experience, therapy won't give you the relief that cannabis would. If your knees have been hurting for a long time, you know that you have done just about everything you could to relieve the pain, but if it doesn't work, what other choice do you have? If your dad knows anything about cannabis, it seems he would help you get a permit to help you cope with everyday activities. I'm not sure if you could get fired, but if I were in your shoes, I'd talk to my boss and feel him out to see what he would say about the situation. Just remember that self medicating doesn't mean your constantly getting "fucked up" just because you have nothing better to do. Don't feel guilty...just take control of your situation! Good Luck
  16. Thank you for the response :smoke:

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