Michigan outdoor strain recommendations..

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  1. Looking for some recommendations for what genetics I should pick up to use outdoors next year.. Photos..

    I want to put them out big and early next year, so I want them to survive cold temps when they are smaller..

    I would like them to finish flowering early because it gets cold out soon in the fall and we can't flower too long.. A bit northern michigan here..

    The biggest problems we seem to have here are bud mold late into flowering and grasshoppers all season long so strains resistant to that would be best... Bud mold if they don't finish flowering soon enough is the main concern..

    I want big yeilders, I'm looking for like 3 lbs per plant..
    Quality is great yeah but I'm convinced that most of the quality differences I see come from the cure, so I don't need "25% THC" strains, just decent stuff that is going to survive..

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  2. Afghan Kush Special from World of Seeds is a big yielder. Got some rot last year though. Gonna try to keep em dry this year with a plastic top.

    Strawberry blue from world of seeds gets huge, starts flower late, and barely finishes in time imo. That said, it had no mold problems at all last year, great flavor and high, and huge yield. Didn't grow em this year because I wanted to be done earlier, but will grow em again next year.
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    Northern Michigan also.
    Stick with Indica dominate strains. First part of Oct. usually for harvesting. . Sativa dominate strains will be late Oct early Nov.
    You should have a way to cover if your gonna grow these. Sativa will grow bigger than a Indica but the chances of them finishing in N Michigan aren't very good.
    I am currently growing Mr. Nice been growing this strain every year since I started growing. Excellent smoke excellent producer. White Queen, Kryptonite, Grand Daddy Purps this one I've grown before. Good smoke not a big producer. I think it finished a little later than the rest. But doable.
    I've heard good things about Gorilla glue 50/50 Indica/Sativa. Gonna give it a try next year.
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  4. Yes gorilla glue was a good go to fornoutaide finished mine this year 2 weeks back my sativa dominate just finished out and it is dr who at 70/30 or 80/20 and turned out great and I'm n Michigan it can be done if you know what your doing and when to add and bulk and cut off they will finish great. Sometimes tricking mother nature is good and works other times she will get you back. I did gorilla glue and she did pretty good this year as well I didnt get any trim pics forgot but 48 of dry weight on 2 wasnt bad the one dr who tho could have been 3.5 lb or more had a freak storm not come along and broke half of it in half I got half of that. Just remember anything can be done I grow inside and out side. Hydroponics inside and big dirt plots outside since 2008 I learned alot the biggest things I hate mites/nats and faulty ppm amd ph testers hold luck on all your future growing and endvors no matter what you do.

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