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  1. Hey everybody long time stalker here. Thought I'd post this years grow and maybe get some advice in the process.

    Last year I grew 50 plants outdoors with a deer fencing around all sides including the roof. This year I decided to put something more permemant and easier on the eyes into place.

    I am in the process of building a 8 foot tall privacy fence to enclose 21 plants. I am kinda stumped as to what the he best options are for a roof (as it must too be enclosed by Michigan law) that will look semi-professional done and last. My area is 72 feet long x 54 feet wide.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    I'll be keeping you guys updated on my methods and I'll post some pics tonight. Happy Growing!
  2. I would use 2x4 wood to make a cube shape for the foundation and surround it with chicken wire on all sides. You'll get all the sunlight you'll need and keep out wilderness animals. If you're looking for a house style building then I'm not the man to ask haha
  3. As a michigan grower i used 6 foot board fence and topped it with chainlink fence.
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  4. I've thought of using both chain link and chicken wire for the roof. How did you manage to keep tension and not let the roof sag in the middle? I figured 72 feet is was just too far without some kind of support in the garden.

    And I forgot the pics but I will get those today. Been working all day.
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  5. Mine was 16×16 and i had 2 post in the middle to hold the fence up.
  6. I do it like so: 0823181018.jpg
  7. Heres my set up 20x30. The domed roof was a after thought when I decided to cover em up in the fall.

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