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  1. I don't understand the law, could some hero please tell me what I would need to grow in my backyard please?

    Can it not be visible from a public place or from adjacent property? My backyard cannot be seen from any public place but can from other people's property.. Soo???

    Even if it can't be seen from public does it have to be in a fenced in area? Does it have to have a fence roof too?

    What I have been able to find is confusing..
  2. It is not confusing in Vermont concerning the very same issue.
    Bottom line; you need a locked stockade fence around your grow to conform.
    "in an enclosure that is screened from public view and is secure so that access is limited to the cultivator and persons 21 years of age or older who have permission from the cultivator."
  3. Same in MI, has to be unseen from public, and in a locked area. The written law about it is very vague and dont explain a lot when reading it.
  4. I've been looking into a 10x10x6ft dog kennel, its gated and can be locked, just put opaque polycarbonate panels all around to the 6ft and then top with the chain link 10x5ft panels covered in clear polycarbonate panels and there ya go, a locked and secure 10x10x6ft greenhouse. Lol
  5. So it does have to have a closed in roof too?
  6. Something anyways, chicken wire will do also, just cant be open to anyone that's not 21
  7. I have a pretty high window in my house that you can look out of and see down into a possible grow area in my yard.

    Is this a problem at all or do I need to block the view from this window?
  8. If it's in your yard and cannot be seen by view of neighbors you should be fine, keep in mind though if outside it has to be in a greenhouse or barn that is secured from anyone under 21. That means it cannot be a plastic sheared wall, must be able to hold up from anyone trying to get into it, myself plan on a 10x10x6ft chainlink kennel with opaque polycarbonate sheets attached from the inside, making it not known what's growing inside. The roof will also be chainlink with a 8in gap around it for venting and clear polycarbonate sheets for the roof. That keeps anyone from climbing over and in.
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  9. New enclosure this year in Michigan IMG_20190526_174644.jpg
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  10. I would love to do something like that but have way too many kids. Lol
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  11. I would love to have kids, but I have way too many plants...
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  12. About "are not visible to the unaided eye from an adjacent property when viewed by an individual at ground level or from a permanent structure"

    Does this mean that it is ok to see them a little if they are so far away that you couldn't tell what they are without magnification?

    The way I have my blind on my fence is 6' high, but I left the bottom 1 foot open for airflow under the fence, so I suppose you could get on your belly from the closest property line and look under the fence from about 15 yards on the one side and maybe see the bottoms of plants.

    Is this ok or do I need to block that view?
    Would snowfence do it or like trellis just to like obstruct view but still allow airflow?

    If they start poking over the top of the 6' blind I can add more higher. My walls are like 9' total height but I don't want to block so much sun for just little things at first, but wouldn't doubt I'll end up with 8' plants so I'll probably have to raise the blinds eventually..
  13. I'd cover it with something. Lattice or welded wire or chain link. Keeps the critters out too
  14. That means it cannot be a plastic sheared wall
  15. Seems outdoor growing in upper MI takes a bit more then doing it inside, I started with 4 revegg clones, taken early in flower off my last crop. 5 seedlings, 2 ended up male. And a Blueberry Kush clone from a buddy, so 8 total outside now for about3 weeks and well I'm thinking I may need a bigger yard....
  16. Oh and I've done a bit of a experiment, all but one plant I've been using 100 dollar nutes on, the last one I've been using a 13 dollar bottle of nutes, wont say what it is but that one plant is 2x the size of the rest and seems to be doing way better off then the others. Goes to show that not all high dollar nutes are great....
  17. I haven't used any "nutes" other than an aerobic tea and an enzyme watering..
    Got too late of a start also so they are not huge..
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    Watching michigan outdoor growers on youtube right now, it looks like half of them aren't even half legal compared to me..

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