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Michigan MMJ Wax Is Banned 2016

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasperTheTokerGhost, Feb 26, 2016.

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    So as of recently of 2016, wax in Michigan will become unable to possess wax for medical marijuana users. If someone gets pulled over, the card will not cover wax. A lot of med shops are not selling wax anymore. Only limited places will sell wax and edibles. Edibles too get slapped along sadly.

    Sorry i dont have links but my friends all told me this today. I used google to search and look it up if you dont believe me.

    I just wanna see the blades thoughts about this! And sorry for horrible grammar im pretty dam high
  2. There are too many stupid people getting their hands on concentrates and then doing, well, stupid things with them. People are only seeing the negative aspects of them, which is why shit legislation like this is going to continue to be passed.
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    Hash, wax, resin, kief, etc... wasn't included when the medical laws were written for Michigan, neither were edibles. They have always been illegal, even for 'legal' patients under the MMJ act.

    Patients are, and have been, put in Prison for having edibles in their possession, because law enforcement goes by the total weight of the cake, versus the actual weight of 'MJ' that was used to make the cake.

    Here's a link to a law firm website that you can read OP, hopefully it will help clarify some info for you.

    The good news is that NORML, and other MMJ advocates have been working to get the laws changed regarding hash, wax, edibles, etc...
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  4. who cares if stupid people do stuff with it, it's no reason to ban it outright. You can poison yourself with the entire cleaning aisle at walmart and it's still fine to sell it. It's annoying to read these legalization/medical marijuana stories where states half ass it. Make it legal so everyone doesn't circumvent the law to get access to it. It was ridiculous that it became illegal for this long.
  5. I don't think it should be banned for medical users. I'm in a totally illegal state and would like to have a mmp, so Michigan is not all that bad to me. Concentrates are all I smoke or deal with today. I don't like to smoke and a clean hit of wax beats smoking flower any day (at least with the mids I get).
  6. like someone else in this thread said, it's sad certain forms are being outlawed cause complete pot noobs eat a whole brownie or take a strong dab despite having no tolerance and doing something stupid. Like that exchange student who got way too fucked up off an edible and jumped out a window. In time This could be solved with some education in the subject, like dosing instructions on the package etc.
  7. Stupid people doing stupid stuff isn't a reason to ban something. People get drunk and go home and beat their spouse and children all the time but alcohol isn't banned, is it? MI and the rest of the illegal states need to get their shit together.

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