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Michigan Medical Variety Bag

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by redchrons, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Grabbed a half ounce of 3 different strains earlier today for $170, split 8er of some of it with a friend for $50 and ended up with 10.5 grams for $120 :smoke:

    First three pictures are Purple Blueberry mixed with a local strain called Slick, there's not much of it pictured....I only got like 1.5 grams of it out of the 1/4oz pictured below. They are light green buds that smell diesel-y. The Purple Blueberry smells like fresh earth, like what you smell would smell hiking through the woods in the summer or something. :smoke:


    These next few are Juicy Fruit and man is this amazing. This strain blows my mind and I have a fairly high tolerance, it smells of pure fruit, kind of like the gum juicy fruit in some ways. Its really great bud, shame I only got 1/8oz of it. I smoked about 0.3g of it so far, so not the entire 1/8oz is pictured.


    Enjoy :bongin:
  2. Looks pretty good.
  3. Nice buds man, that first pick I thought was a pic of the woods for a second lol
  4. Thanks, the nuggets are indeed dank :smoking:
  5. Smoked two joints with a friend and just now a kief topped bowl :smoking:
  6. wow sweet looking buds man enjoy that shit
  7. the colors and trichs on both those strains are redic! makes me wanna move to a state where I can get medical bud..I prolly will down the road! nice pick up man enjoy that shit!
  8. Love the juicy fruit that's a delicious strain for sure! Thanks for sharing brotha enjoy the herbage :D:cool::smoking:
  9. Thanks guys. Yea these buds keep me really stoney :bongin:

    I think the Juicy Fruit is pretty much all gone, I'd have to double check my jar but sadly its marvelous journey has come to an end. It was some real great bud, just smelled really fruity and sweet, tasted the same, and got me quite baked.
  10. Looks scrum-diddly-umptious....
  11. Moving into new place today...already moved some stuff but still have clothes and furniture to move, AKA the worst part of moving.

    But I have a 12 pack of Blue Moon waiting for me, as well as 99% rubbing alcohol to have a clean bong to one break in the apartment with, and I went to the thrift store and bought a Ball jar with one of rubber seal caps that you screw on, it holds about an 1/8oz if I had to guess but I put in the best nuggets from my pick up in there for now, going to roll one of them into a joint and use the others for bong hits all day.

    So although moving in will blow, I have a good night/next day lined up. :smoke:
  12. Chronic buds... all of em look great... way better than the bud im toking i can bet that (homegrown that looks premature :eek:... one of the not so great plants i bet, 80/q)
  13. Damn, how strict are these dispensaries selling to regular people?

    That stuff looks awesome, looks like I'm heading to Michigan soon.
  14. Pretty strict, I can almost guarantee you wont be able to buy without your rec/card, luckily my dealer just buys and passes it on to me so I dont need a card at all.

    Thanks nadroj/jordan, sadly the blueberry wasnt cured well so its taste wasnt good but the high still kicked ass lol. The juicy fruit was 5/5 all around for sure, the slick was real nice too pufed a joint of it two nights ago :smoke:
  15. Got a little nugg jar at a Volunteers of America thrift store, 60 cents for it. Its a Ball rubber seal jar, perfect for up to an 8th. Here are some nuggs I keep in it (until tomorrow ;) )






  16. haha when i read that i thought you said you got the nugs for 60 cents

    i was like what a duck why couldnt he just give it to you for free

    nontheless that half o looks deliciosooooo

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