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Michigan medical question

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by greenthinking, May 18, 2010.

  1. How are patient and caregivers supposed to document their agreement with the state. I have been told 2 different things about this. One person told me it is up to the patient to mail a statement into the state specifying someone as their caregiver. I have also been told it's the caregiver's responsibility to mail in their agreement. I have also been told that nothing gets sent in just that the caregiver is supposed to make copies of their patients records in a file. Could someone please clarify this? Any responses are appreciated
  2. When the patient fills out the state paperwork, they have the option to specify a caregiver. You don't have to specify one, but if you do the person you specify get the legal right to grow pot for you. 12 plants I believe. I think that when you specify a caregiver, you can no longer grow your own pot though. I'm not 100% on that last bit.

    I'm not sure how far along you are in the process or if you've even started, but you go to your doctor or some other doctor that's willing to write your recommendation for the state. Once they give you their signed recommendation, you have to file your paperwork with the state (as well as include a $100 license fee). You send the state their forms, the doctor recommendation, and a check.

    Here's a link to the application.
  3. Thanks but I think I may have not been clear. I am already a patient and caregiver to myself. I now have people who want me to be their caregiver. How does a person with their card make me their caregiver?
  4. check out my attachment. hope that helps

    im looking for a caregiver too. after months of being bullshitted my this guy who now has a caregivers card because of me. near oakland county by any chance?

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  5. its hard to believe someone actually went to the clinic and got thier card and didnt knoow how to secify a caregiver, all this is explained at the cllinic..If it wasnt could you tell me wich clinic.. This nedds to be adressed as it will only cause more confusion..
    there is a from the cargiver must fill out also with drivers lisence number and such...

    im in mich, a patient and cargiver...every patient i have signed up has this expalined to them.. If you guys have questions you can pm... ive been a caretaker for over a year and have a prety good handle on the law, My wife doinyoda is also here in the city...
    feel free to look her up..she handles all the paperwork for us...:D

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