Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws - MMMP and CCW. Is it legal?

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  1. I heard a while ago that you are no longer not allowed to have CCW + MMMP card...
    Anyone know 100% what the law is in Michigan and where it shows proof?

  2. Are you asking about concealed carry. Yes it's illegal. On the paper work it ask if you use marijuana. It's a federal form. Still illegal. That being said I have mine with no issues. I don't want around with my gun and bud at the same time. That is just stupid.
    Do you live in Michigan??
    So if I have my CCW and I apply for a medical card...I can get it no problem
    And if I have my medical card and I apply for a CCW it will go through?? There is no backlash later on when they find out you have both?
    Oh yeah and also...if I have my medical card and I go to apply for a CCW license, am I supposed to say "Yes I use marijuana" or do you go with the no thing and hope it doesn't get noticed?
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    I wouldn't say "yeah I use pot" when going for a CCW.
    I don't believe they would be able to find out for themselves if you didn't tell them.
  6. This. You just have to have a decent reason. I had to talk with our sheriff. My friend owns a motel. I got " hired" to work night shift. Can never be to carful of the crazies out at night. It was pretty easy just exspencive in ca. More than my mmj card.
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    some states cave in to DC's retaliation tactic...Oregon didn't.
    From what I can find, Oregon determined the ccw license was STATE issued, not federal and state laws allowed it as MEDICINE.
    card holders are legal mmj users...so they can say NO (as Nancy ray-gun said too)
  8. The form in my state asked if I was "addicted" to drugs or alcohol.
    I truthfully answered NO.
  9. The ATF has issued a memo to FFL's to deny your rights. Unfortunately they have to abide since its still a federal law. Don't get mad if they deny you if they hear you talking about your medical use.

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