Michigan Man lights up a bong right in front of officers

Discussion in 'General' started by QuatroCT, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. So basically this guy got in a car chase with the cops at 3 in the morning and ended up flipping over into a ditch. When the cops approached the car he started sparking up a bong as the cops work on breaking the window. :bongin:  That bong must've been made with some thick ass glass to not break through the accident. Anyway I thought this was too funny and why not share with all my fellow blades.
    Here's the link :

  2. fuck it right
  3. Bong Prank On Cops!: http://youtu.be/I8NVvU6QaPs
  4. That videos a good one haha! Shows how quick cops will just crack down on anything to do with weed.
  5. The dude was like "fuck it" and enjoyed his last toke... well not really enjoyed since he was going to be hauled off to jail.

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