Michigan Legalized - New Grower - Planning Grow Room And Could Use Some Advice

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    As many of you probably know already, Michigan legalized, so I spent the last day or so looking over guides and planning my purchases for my first grow room. Unfortunately, I won't be able to grow in my house, but I have an entire garage to work with. Due to the way Michigan is, the temperatures get very cold during the winter, so I'm going to have to build a space inside the uninsulated garage that I can climate control.

    I did some research, and came across an article that talked about using Insulated R-Tech Walls 1.5 inches thick, 4 ft tall, and 8 ft wide. I was thinking about buying ten of these, gluing them together with foam glue, sealing the cracks with foam sealant, cutting out a door, and building an 8x8x8 space in my garage. They also talked about just duct taping them together, which I might do instead, so I can expand the room if I decide to. I looked around for the insulated walls that already come with one side that is silver and shiny, but they don't sell them around here, so I was thinking about just lining the interior with Panda Film.

    Next, I was looking at heaters and I picked out a Radiant Oil Heater as people were saying that these are more safe, and there will be plenty of room to place this inside.

    1. The floor will still be concrete, and will probably stay pretty cold despite the heater running in the room. Do you think raising the plants off the floor will be adequate enough to keep the root systems from getting cold, or will I have to put two insulated panels on the floor too?

    From here I researched a Dehumidifier that wasn't too large for the room, a small Humidifier, a Thermometer and Hygrometer, with a High and Low reading and a Probe that I can hang to the top of the canopy and get readings from, and an Inline Fan appropriate for the size of the room to circulate fresh air from outside every 1-2 minutes, with a Carbon Filter.

    2. Do I need to have an exhaust fan for the room too, or does the Inline Fan fulfill both functions? Do I need to have a small humidifier, or do you think will there already be plenty of excess humidity in the room?

    For my lighting I chose a 1000W Full Spectrum LED Light. and a Programmable Light Timer. Reading through the comments people said that the light performs more like a 600W light, and covers a 3x3 space. I'm planning on buying two of these eventually, but for my first couple grows I'm just going to run four to six plants and get some practice in with the process before I expand the grow and fill the rest of the room.

    3. From what I've read in a 3x3 light space, four plants is optimal, and maybe I can squeeze in six, but I'm not sure and don't want to overcrowd the area. Do you think I can have six plants in that 3x3 light space? Let me know about your experience.

    So, that's my grow setup that I'm thinking about building. Let me know what you think about it. I have done research on controlling PH, nutrient PPM and Electroconductivity, and dealing with Spider Mites, Russet Mites, and Gnats, and all that good stuff. Let me know anything you think I am forgetting, or any tweaks that you can think of. Thanks for reading!
  2. I would most definitely throw down an extra panel or two on the floor to insulate from the cold. Since I'm considering the same type of setup, I'd build a simple frame of 2×4's with some plywood to cover it and insulate that. That way it's way more stable than a taped together room. Plus you have an actual framework to hang lights, fan, etc. Your exhaust fan/filter combo is what's going to draw in your fresh air by exhausting the air inside the room. I don't think you'd need an intake fan. Lastly, I personally would have a max of 2 plants in a 3×3 space. Yes you can physically fit in more, but you don't want to crowd a bunch of plants in that space which would cause it's own set of problems. I had 2 inside my 4×4 tent and they filled it. There are a lot of people on here with WAY more cannabis expertise than I do so I'm sure they can help you more than I can. Good luck!

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  3. Your light is crappy and is only a 185w light - good for one plant. I highly suggest getting good quality lighting like Quantum Boards if you want good yields. Assuming you can keep the environment stable and your plants healthy - good lighting is the most important thing you can buy. I also suggest a 4 x 4 space and 4 plants. Good luck. Wish I lived in Michigan. :)
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  4. You would need 3-4 of those lights in a 4x4 as mick said they only pull 185w
    A 1000w mh/hps would do each 4x4 area well.

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    See, this is why I came here and made the post. I literally said to myself when I saw that light, "Wow, LED lights sure have come down since I last looked at them." No. No, they haven't. They're just deceptively advertising them as 1000W lights, and then you have to dig into the specifications to find the truth.

    Really appreciate that guys, and looking at REAL 1000W LED lights, they are clearly out of my price range. So, it looks like I'll be going with a 1000W HPS light instead. It looks like I need a ballast, the fixture, the HPS bulb, and then a fan to vent the heat out, or I could just let it heat the grow room, and then just use the fan for the summer.
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  6. That will help with the cold weather in Michigan. Good luck.
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  7. All the cheap LED panels on Amazon rate their watts based on the chips the LEDs are on. So In the case of that light, you have one panel with 100 10w chips. I made that same mistake when I decided to get into growing too. I have a "2000w" LED light, two panels of 100x10w triple chips. The actual draw is only ~250w. It's done a really nice job of vegging my plants, but I haven't used it for flowering yet, and I hear that's where the real difference comes in between the cheap and good LEDs.
    If you are still interested in LEDs, Horticultural Lighting Group's Quantum Boards are very reasonably priced and I've seen nothing but shining reviews of them here on GC. I am currently growing my first autoflower strain using a HLG65 4000k, which will be replaced by a HLG100 3000k for flower. If I'd heard about HLG first, I'd have just bought a 260w QB V2 and saved a couple hundred bucks.

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