Michigan growing season??? start finish?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, May 24, 2003.

  1. So I had 20 sprouts going good about 5" tall with three layers of leaves. Well they got stollen.

    Needless to say ive got a bunch more starting to germ as of yesterday.

    Should I be good still? I figure the season ends early mid October.

    Not sure if I will grow them a few inches and put them out, or just put the germed/cracked seeds out and hope for the best.

    So how am I on time? Still good?

    I had two about 8" high ready to go too, way ahead of schedule and gonna be big mommas too, dammit all, fuckers.
  2. might not get the biggest but still u are ok on time...u should have them out before june first and u will be fine.
  3. Oh they will be out after this busy memorial weekend. Not the best time to be moving lil buddies around with the po po out and about in double time.

    My buddy told me June first is when he gets out by, but he generally puts 3" plants out. So I guess im only a week or so back. With some warm sunny days they should take right off.

    Im guessing they should still produce 5 ounces each. If I get that im good.
  4. ummmm...well if u count the shake and the stems...yea maybe 5oz, plan more like 2-3
  5. No shit?!! Last season was my first grow and I put some out a little later than now, had to transplant twice (someone found them) and still got 4' plants.

    Shit I hope I get 4' plants that produce more than 3 ounces.
  6. me and my friend put our plants out in late april, and they are doin great...... dont know the end of the season yet, first timer

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