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  1. Guys, If I live in michigan and also have a medical card does that mean I can grow 12 plants for medicine and 12 plants recreationally or just 12? Any credible article links would be appreciated, I cant seem to find an answer so I turn to the wise ones!
  2. You can grow 12 recreational in Michigan ?
    Dam it , I'm in the wrong state.

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  3. Yes, since the passing of the bill in Nov 2018
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  4. This I’m not for certain I too have wondered the same(I’m in Michigan as well). My wife has her card, I do not. If all else fails, get 1 of your friends to make you their caregiver.
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  5. It's a gray area the safest option if you're growing more than 12 is to get a caregiver card and sign people up and grow 12 for each patient you have

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