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  1. Just a marketing ploy, but wouldn't it be fun to have "top shelf" cannabis for life! :rolleyes:

    Muskegon Heights marijuana dispensary offering chance to play for lifetime of free cannabis

    MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MI -- Inspired by the success of the McDonald’s Monopoly game, The Reef is giving away special grand prizes for cannabis enthusiasts.

    In addition to other prizes, customers will get a chance to win a lifetime supply of marijuana.

    Called “Reefopoly” in reference to the Monopoly-inspired game conducted by McDonald’s, customers will receive game pieces based on certain purchases at the store and potentially win prizes. Like the McDonald’s Monopoly game, some of the prizes will require multiple pieces to win, while others are instant prizes.

    The game pieces are distributed based on purchases at The Reef’s Muskegon Heights and Detroit locations.

    Game players will have a chance to win $100,000 in cash prizes, a lifetime supply of cannabis, a Caribbean trip for two, basement grow kits and thousands of other instant prizes. (snipped)

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