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Michigan Dispensary list?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by alonewolf, May 15, 2010.

  1. Is there a source online that can shed light on where all the dispensary's are located in Michigan?

  2. Unless they changed the law and kept it a secret you wont find dispensarys in michigan as its against the law. What is oit ur looking for, smoke or clones?:smoking:
  3. Go to Welcome to The MMMA and they should have something. As far as I know, no county has actual zoned areas for dispensaries........... yet.
  4. Well I know of at least one in Lansing, and one in Okemos, both on a main street with signs out front and open to the public (must have card to be inside)

    So I figured there may be more, I dunno.
  5. man really seriously.........DID THEY CHANGE THE LAW? NO WHERE in our law does it allow for any such thing. If u have dif info please let me know id be happy to go buy a bag so i dont gotta cut a branch of my lemon skunks
  6. No they have not changed the law. Its a gray area that doesnt say there can and cant be dispensaries. Its all about signing the dispensary over as your caregiver, but the store is a collective of different caregivers working together
  7. Where in lansing? What's the name?
  8. No answer?... probably because dispensaries are illegal in MI... there are random groups of caregivers that work together calling themselves a co-op... according to websites links posted earlier they don't have medical marijuana, they can point you in the right direction
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    There's a dispensary that just opened in Mt. Pleasant. It's called Compassionate Apothacary and I found out about it on the MMMA forums. There was one I heard about in Ypsilanti but I don't think it's open any longer.
  10. There are 2 in Ypsilanti and both are still open. There is also 1 in Ann Arbor downtown. Dispensaries are operating in a grey area around here. According to someone in the know the state is looking into shutting all of them down. They operate as clubs which is how they are getting around the law. You usually have to join as a club member. Some memberships are cheap and some are very expensive. The problem the state has is no matter how it is explained at the dispensary there is an owner that is getting part of every sale. This exceeds the 5 patient rule. If anything is done about these dispensaries look for it around election time when politicians against medical pot can make a name for themselves. I don't go to the dispensaries for one reason, they are way overpriced. It's nothing for them to sell a quality product for $20.00 to $25.00 a gram. Ounces for $450.00 are pretty standard.
  11. Your better off to find caregivers that you can trust..
    no need to get ripped by the depeseries...:D
  12. I am just as confused as some of you guys. I have heard over and over that dispensaries are illegal in Michigan, however i keep hearing about this dispensary they opened in Ypsilanti. When i was in Ann Arbor I had some people walk up to me and ask me where the dispensary was. Anyone know what's really going on?
  13. There is a dispensary in Ypsilanti on Pearl St. That is downtown ypsi. There is another one in a strip mall on the east side of ypsi but I don't know the name of the mall. The one in Ann arbor is on the second floor on the corner of Liberty and Main. The one in downtown AnnArbor is the best one to go to but as I said before they are all rip offs. I just checked these all out a while back. You can go in if you are a patient or a caregiver. I am a caregiver. I didn't buy anything but the one in Ann Arbor did tempt me with a few nice clones for sale. As was stated before you are better off finding a caregiver you can trust. If they are selling anything at 4-450 an oz I would just walk away. I personally won't sell anything above $225.00 an oz.
  14. I know a couple of the dispensaries are buying off growers at $350 an ounce. I hate to pay $15-20 a gram (refuse to pay $25), but it's the only way I know of to be able to smoke different strains, and get a feel for what I want to grow.
  15. I would estimate that 95% of marijuana sold in these dispensaries are bough from other caregivers. They can't grow enough by themselves to supply the hundreds of clients they have.
  16. I believe there is one in Kalamazoo.
  17. There is one off of pearl in downtown Ypsi called the 3rd coast collective .
    And another next to Trader Joes in Ann arbor off of Washtenaw ave called Ann Arbor health collective... Have heard of the one on liberty but never checked it out.. There all expensive from my experience, but just nice to know that I can stop in try different strains..

    Let's keep this thread going and post any new openings. They are starting to pop up everywhere..
  18. Didn't know there was one by trader joes. You're right tey're popping up everywhere
  19. And the first raid goes to Williamston
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    Yes I did hear about this from a friend that went there before. I don't know what the news said, but my friend said the owner of the dispensary was allowing people to smoke in his shop when he visited there.

    From WILX news,

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