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Michigan Daaaaank, **High-Quality Macros**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by j3nsen, May 31, 2009.

  1. Just picked this up from my guy today. If you saw my last post of the Trainwreck, this is the second thing that I've gotten through this guy. I picked up an eighth and have only smoked a bowl so far, it tastes so damn good. It smells really fruity too, it's too bad he didn't have any idea on the stain. Anyways, onto the pictures.


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  2. Thats some serious DANK bud man. I like what Michigan has to offer man. It's always good to get some unknown herb thats DANK as shit. You know its gonna give you a good high from the looks alone.
  3. SE MI man, home of the no-name funk!!!:hello:
  4. Jeez! That stuff looks legit. What city are you from? I live in Battle Creek and there hasn't been much dank around here lately. :(
  5. oh man that stuff looks delicious, what's the buzz like?
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys! And I'm from the Ann Arbor area, just a few minutes outside of downtown Ann Arbor. I really got my first chance to blaze this stuff last night, be and a buddy smoked 3 bowls of it and were TOASTED. He's not really a smoker so he was tripping out after the first bowl, but even I felt pretty damn good after just the first.

    Overall the high is pretty intense, I found myself in a daze just staring off down the road as the music was playing. It seemed to be a mix of a couchlock and also a head high. I felt like I couldn't move yet my mind was thinking about a million things per second.

    And there definitely hasn't been any dank around here lately, but I just got this new connect and I swear it seems summertime is when all the best bud is going around here.

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