Michelle Wolf 2. (Trigger warning!)

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  1. Trigger warning. This isn't an abortion thread. Find somewhere else to virtue signal.

    Now to the post.

    I believe in abortion whole heartedly,
    now that being said, can anyone tell me what in the name of hell is this?

    This twat has got to be the least funny, most annoying D list comedian since Kathy Griffin (who actually was funnier at one point).

    She looks and sounds like she had a stroke while knocking back a keg at a frat party and got her face tightened in some desperate attempt to fix it.

    Some user here put up another thing by her when she tried to smack talk at the Whitehouse Correspondent's dinner, where she screwed up most of her half brained jokes and ended up sounding like a middle schooler who improvised a comedy act at a talent show.

    Do the Left really buy this crap? Does anyone have a taste for humour anymore?


    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
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  2. Let's consider this more of a thread about an irrational comedian with political views rather than a thread about politics.
    I'll toss it in Pandora.
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  3. I thought she was really funny as a writer on seth meyers, and later the daily show. Her standup special on hbo was also very solid.
    Unfortunately, this show really is unwatchable. Her interaction with the audience and dj is painful, and her use of the telleprompter/ cue cards is clumsy. This isn't clever or well written comedy. More often than not, she just makes a statement like "the shape of water sucked butt" and waits for applause. Whether or not you agree with that statement, it's not a joke. Same thing with the abortion parade. I think that all women should have the right to safe and affordable birth control, but whether or not you agree with abortion, it's just a series of statements without a joke.
    I was hoping to like this show because I needed something else to watch now that desus and mero ended, but unfortunately it's just so poorly made, I can't even see this becoming funny over time.
  4. thanks mods, you guys consistently do a great job.
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  5. Ben Shapiro referred to this stuff as pandering for "Clapter" essentially not laughter but just clapping instead.

    Pretty accurate.

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
  6. I can't see her ever being funny... her delivery is just so poor and her comedic taste is even worse than Amy Schumer.

    And that sais A LOT.

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
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    Any comedian that thinks abortion is funny, is a demented human being. Not funny at all, that is for sure. Making jokes about mothers killing their own babies is barbaric. The rest of her humor is very sub par as well. The correspondents dinner was a disaster.

    Nobody thinks this lady is funny.

    BTW, Amy was funny before she became political. I watched her during the last comic standing and loved her at that point.
  8. What I'd like to know is why people like this get a show?

    Is it that some producer saw her and thought "Oh she's a riot let's get her a show" or is it more likely they grabbed her to push a leftist agenda?

    Weird not many Right wingers get these Netflix shows despite the amount of REAL COMEDIANS, yet the Obamas.. well they need a show!

    The division of politics has divided comedy and since the Media is so Left leaning it's only going to go down hill.

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
  9. I think it's obvious why she made this video, but that reason is off topic I guess......
  10. Seems like a Samantha Bee type. Which essentially makes her a female Kimmel/Colbert. Which makes her someone who can't be funny because she's too busy shoving stale politics into her show.

    She was the comedian at the Correspondent's dinner? How'd she swing that?
  11. YES!!!


    She is a fkin Samantha B. It's insane! How do they get this publicity?!

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
  12. Something something left-leaning media something something "progressive" agenda.
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  13. It's not a great show, the Fran Dresser effect with that voice and delivery for sure but I could easily see why people like it or even hatewatch it. I found most of her bits pretty hilarious, I mean it is a niche. Saying knowingly inflammatory things flippantly is sort of the comedians first bag of tricks after all.

    I do wonder though if she was more classically "beautiful" and had a different voice if she'd appeal to more individuals.
  14. What makes you laugh specifically?

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
  15. Ah fuck it some people can do what they want regardless LOL
  16. The very first joke about the irony of Trump reversing Roe V Wade while also being responsible for more abortions than back alleys or coat hangers or stairs is pretty funny.

    The shitting on the table joke was amusing because it reminded me of how often the kink many people are into is glaringly against what they represent.

    It is pretty fitting for her to bring up women and the stigma of abortions, I thought her saying men's opinions about it should amount to nothing relevant was accurate.

    Lifting suitcases into the overhead got a chuckle too.

    Also, the bit about her being able to have access to abortions because she can afford them made me smile too.
  17. So was it the remarks themselves that made you laugh because you're anti trump or whatever or was it the delivery of the joke?

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
  18. Perhaps, I just find a lot of sick and dark humor amusing even if it is a heavily skewed and baiting hard on current events! I do dislike Trump but for me that started far before he was a candidate let alone commander in chief.

    Edit* also I think the fact that she is (to me) unattractive, grating and so annoying sounding that it's kind of amusing the juxtaposition, for her to be such an angry ball of nasty humor.
  19. I just find it hard to care about a hacky comedian. There’s a million hacky comedians with a million hacky shows out there these days. I thought the bit about coat hangers was funny but I’m not a big fan of her delivery. Part of the problem is the late night format of joke delivery is very stale and outdated to begin with and part of it is substituting jokes for political content.
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  20. Wtf are you talking about. Making jokes about serious subjects is always funny if the joke is clever and funny itself. I’ve heard jokes about rape, aids, 9/11, domestic abuse, etc that we’re fucking hilarious. If you start creating arbitrary lines it will lead to nothing being on the table because maybe you’re offended about abortion jokes but someone else is offended about cancer jokes or someone else is offended about transgender jokes. Do you really believe no one has ever written a funny joke about the topic of abortion?
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