Michele Bachmann sought sitmulus funds

Discussion in 'Politics' started by weednotcrack, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Indeed, it is quite good.:)
  2. lol... hypocrite.
  3. She's crazy. What did you honestly expect other than the same hypocritical nonsense that usually comes out of the Christian right?
  4. Ummm. Non-hypocritical and sensible?:confused_2::laughing: hahaha. I guess that was just wishful thinking :D :eek::laughing:
  5. no shit she did. she is a full fledged NEO-CON, parroting austro-lib/constitutional talking points to seem relevent to an increasingly influential base. liberty is trending, and she is trying to "get ahead of the curve"...but in the end she is a dyed in the sheets, broken window loving, spend-a-holic like every other (with startlingly few exceptions) "so-called" republicans
  6. Indeed sir, indeed.:laughing:
  7. (R-Minn)...more like (R-Iowa). She's never in her own area, and always spending time in Iowa. Was born there and probably lives there, just has a house here in MN to get elected.
  8. I'd still fuck her.
  9. i think that's the kind of stimulus she needs.. she seems like a very uptight person.

  10. nah...just a P.O. box to get her congressional mail.
  11. By a socialist Canadian cannabis smoker no less. She'd love it, but I'd devastate her socio-political outlook.

    I think you're onto something here, August.
  12. LOL, you guys are gross :laughing:

  13. Can I see the list of Reps who did not seek the same funds?

    Somehow I'm guessing its a real short list.

  14. Yeah, she is definitely not the only one :laughing:
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  16. Well shit, I thought she sought stimulus funds for the down payment on all that botox.

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