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    Please serious posts only :cool:.

    Those of you who consider yourself Republicans what do you think of her? Being from the midwest I am really beginning to hate her. She spews a certain amount of crazy that is typically contained in a mental hospital.

    I'm really kind of looking for a Republican candidate that I can get behind, but I don't see much out there. I could see myself voting for Ron Paul if he didn't want to eliminate the department of education. Help me see your side and understand what you believe, otherwise I will have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Obama :smoke:
  2. Michele Bachmann is awful.

    Also, read up on the Department of Education before you praise it. Like everything in Washington DC, it's a huge bureaucracy and money pit. Results have worsened despite yearly budget increases. Education could be handled much better at the state or local level.

  3. Well I'm happy to hear that you think that Bachmann is awful :hello:. To your statement about the Department of Education I can't say I entirely agree. There would be little to no standard education across the nation. A student going to school in Florida transfers to Texas and isn't able to comprehend the information because how/what information is taught. Don't get me wrong there are obviously serious issues with the Department of Education and it definitely needs serious changes.

    Help me to understand some of your view points if you could. I'm still recovering from last year when I lived with a nutjob who would spend hours lecturing me on Republican values and why gay people are evil and how the world is 7,000 years old. :rolleyes:
  4. I don't like her because she wants me to earn my keep.
  5. bachmann is like palin except deliverance had sex with her face
  6. well, being a serious thread and all...

    as to the lipstick laden bulldog (bachmann)...

    she can grope cowballs all she wants...still won't get my vote...

    she's just a...
  7. Bachmann is a lunatic. If we didn't live in a crazy world, she would probably be confined to a mental hospital.

    Department of education =/= Good

    Read: http://forum.grasscity.com/politics/677839-ron-paul-appreciation-thread-159.html

  8. I went to Missouri from Florida the summer before the 7th grade...on entering my new school, I found that Missouri was just touching on algebra...and I had just completed my 2nd year of it in Florida...all classes were so slow, and going over the info I had already been over (but not as in depth), two yours prior. I was BORED and my grades dropped, yet could ace all the test. This went on through high-school, when I met another person that just moved up here, and they had the same issue. Missouri is/was 2-3 years behind on subjects and lack of depth on the details/concepts.

    'Dept of edjimuhkayshun' was a 'fail' even back then. No standards other than 'no (dumb) child left behind', pass the morons on to the next level even if they can't read, write, add 2+2 without breaking out the calculator.:mad:

    ...and today we have Texas..where history books are altered, rewritten to put 'certain political' and religious ideologies above the truth (if they even mention the truth)...ya, DOE is a failure...
  9. Bachmann is as crazy as crazy gets. If she is allowed to run this country, then we haven't even begun to see dark times now. In the upcoming election, though, it seems like there are no sane choices. Ron Paul has yet to sway me, and I'm really regretting voting for Obama. Looks like I'll have to write in Voltron again
  10. i don't know a whole lot about her..

    but she seems like another neo con to me.. talks a big game about small gov't but still wants to police the world with our military..
  11. massachusetts year after year is #1 in education because they INVEST in it. i find the places that bitch about their taxes, have much lower results(test scores, grad rates). yeah cball, texas school books i wonder whos idea that was.
  12. I'd plow the shit out of her, but I'm voting for Ron Paul.
  13. Go Mass!

    Bachmanns a moron.

    But how about instead of states deciding (texas would rape peoples brains), what about a regional education standard? West coast, Northeast/New England, Tri-State area, South East/ Gulf except texas, Desert places like Arizona, Texas, etc

    Then people who move around would be able to stay in the same EDU zone, and 1 state can't decide without others approval while also taking out of the Fed govt's hands
  14. I'd profess my love for her, promise her anything and everything, do her from behind, then forget about her and vote for someone else.
  15. Ron Paul thinks the Dept of Education should be abolished, and I agree, but he would not have that power as President.

    He would only be able to control the troops, veto laws and speak the truth.

    And yes, Bachmann is insane. Or is it Dr. Bachmann? Tax litigation attorney, or petty tax collector?

  16. I prefer "bat shit crazy loon" as her title...:cool:
  17. Dont like her at all..

    Id fuck her though..

    Same goes for Palin. :D

  18. K-12 isn't teaching rocket science, the concepts are fairly easy for most to grasp. Especially if you are actually learning and not just trained to pass Scantron tests for the Feds.

    The United States Department of Education was created in 1979 and started operating in 1980. I don't think they've succeeded in anything except wasting money and dumbing down Americans.

    Here is some info I posted in another thread:

    The Department of Education is unconstitutional and a failure. You could make the same argument for eliminating the "war on drugs" as you could the department of education. Both have ever increasing budgets, layers of federal bureaucracy, and terrible results when looking at their stated mission/goals. Oh, did I mention? Both are unconstitutional.

    It's just another bureaucratic nightmare that is Washington DC which usually results in a money pit with declining or worsening results.

    I can guarantee the local or state governments could do a much better job than that which is mandated from DC bureaucrats. One size usually doesn't fit all, unless of course we are talking about the Bill of Rights.

    hey federal gubmint - let's create the department of education (bureaucracy). Education levels decline. Shit, what can we do? I know, let's throw more money at it! That'll work. Nope, didn't work...it seems to have made schools worse. What should we do? I know, let's throw EVEN MORE money at it...and repeat until, well...forever.

    10 Facts About K-12 Education Funding

    The Education Bubble - B. T. Donleavy - Mises Daily

    The Free Market: The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan - 1988

    Bad News, Comrades: Reading Did Not Improve

    Enterprising Education: Doing Away with the Public School System

    Republicans and Education Centralization - Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. - Mises Daily

    The Free Market: With Education Like This

    Education: Is America Spending Too Much?

    Just because your intentions are good and the will you want to impose on everyone "feels" right doesn't make it right, or Constitutional.
  19. Well that certainly helps me understand your viewpoint. I was in the 6th grade when No child left behind was a big controversy. I asked my teacher in class one day why we had to randomly take tests that were a total joke. She went on a rant about Bush and random shit I didn't understand at the time. I don't even try to pretend to know much about any topic, but I find it interesting to know what other people think. :smoke:
  20. It's not just Texas where this happens. I'm 35, and the history I learned had already been PC'd and dumbed down. It's gotten worse in the years since I graduated.
    Even college tests are adulterated. The biggest example is removal of the Dutch from the African slave trade, or the fact of who was selling the slaves into slavery in the first place. In Biology students are being taught that the church is the greatest enemy of science to ever exist, completely ignoring that fact that most early scientists were in fact clergymen, and that most of the early scientific research was funded by the church. Many of the early scientists viewed scientific research, the coming to understand creation, as the greatest form of religious expression and praise of whatever for of deity they followed!

    but yeah, Bachman. I'd screw her if she was muzzled, but as a registered Republican, I'd just as soon slap her 'til my hand fell off.

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