Micheal Nodianos- Steubenville Rape

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    I have to share this with all of you, i'm seriously fucking disgusted with humanity. This kid laughs about this girl being gang-raped, pissed on.....disgusting. Luckily, WSHH, Anonymous, and tons of other sites have exposed this sick fuck. His life is over. Help spread the word if you can...don't know what i'm talking about?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22UsHZXPi7Q]Michael Nodianos confession #oprollredroll #occupysteubenville Steubenville rape case - YouTube[/ame]

    His name is Michael Nodianos...i'd leak all his info to you, but it's already available on the internet. He deleted his twitter, facebook, disconnected phone....yeah he's in for a hellstorm

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  2. Torture the fucker.
  3. Michael- “But it isn’t,” the student said. “If that was my daughter, I wouldn't care. I would just let her be dead.”

    “is it really rape if you don’t know if she wanted to or not? She might have wanted it. That might have been her final wish.”
  4. Sickening.. I don't know how else to respond..

    My instincts make me want to kill these kids brutally.. BUT I can control myself.
  5. Didn't watch, but I get the jist.

    Burn em up dood...

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