Michael Vick plead guilty!

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  1. haha i knew he was guilty, so now vick lost about 100 mill and will most definitly do time :eek: :hello: dudes a dumbass.........i love my dog, they could give vick 10yrs for all i care...even his own father turned his back on him.......and now i think he snitched on DMX(check the link)http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=1324

    shits mad fucked up!
  2. I read the article on yahoo news. I belive he is i truble for Dog indangerment not dog fighting. The dogs were supposed to be taken care of by caretakers but they failed to do so. He was gone for several months and the lawyer was contacted.
  3. Meh. I dont particularly have a stance on this.. I mean, theyre just dogs, and theyre not my dogs. I couldnt care less actually. Michael Vick is just another dude that thinks he too fuckin big for his britches, and he got put in his place.
  4. Vick should be allowed to play football. He's in his prime, based on talent. The NFL association can't expect to pay a guy millions every year, and not do something greasy. He didn't even bet on dogs, or fight/ train the dogs. He pleaded guilty to financing the event, in Greece, this shit is encouraged they hate dogs.

    The man is a vital part of the falcons, as well as a humble respectful human being. He shouldn't be blamed for the people around him.
  5. plead guilty to killing 6-10 dogs, and providing money. denied making bets on the dogs.

    hes a dumbass and nike dropped him like like a new pair of kicks
  6. it sucks that a good player is goin down like this, but man, what a fool. seriously, have they not got enough money to think of better things to do then finance dog fights.

    either way, if hes plead guilty, im sure hes getting some kind of bargain. i doubt hell do time, but im sure hell be out the NFL and be ordered to pay millions. even people as guilty as him that are that big in the public eye and have that much influence can still escape the worst crimes.
  7. Those dogs were bread to be fighters, im supporting Vick as a player, not as a criminal.

    If Lohan can veer clear of jail, the Falcons top player should be able to. Vick was askin' for it, having proof on his own property. His city still loves him, except for the 30 PETA activists.
  8. vick knew about or was involved in the betting, fighting, killing basically everything and the shits been going on in HIS house for 6 years

  9. So what the fucks that got to do with the fact the cat can play some football?

    666TH post

  10. He got fired right? Im almost sure i heard that on the radio recently.
  11. nothing but the NFL doesnt want to be associated with a dog killer
  12. I was tempted to neg rep you for this, but I decdied against it, your entitled to your opinion, but I will tell you that your comments upset me.

    Because they're not your dogs you don't care? So if I kill a couple people but you don't know them is that okay? They're just dogs? So it's okay to electricute, drown, and abuse them in this horrible fashion? Having them rip each others throats out? What the fuck dude!

    Sorry man, but your indifference irks me. :mad:
  13. Coming from someone who enjoys a dogs company more the most humans...I wish Vick would get hung on live television...

    say goodbye to ever being a superbowl champion...LOSEERRRRRRRRR

  14. You deserve time for promoting public death trials. More time than Vick...

  15. Horse shit! Vick was an asshole before all of this, and by the way, he participated in killing the dogs.

    He should be banned from the NFL, not just based on the dog charges, but from the fact that he's fucked up multiple times before any of this.

    His apologies are meaningless, he's just trying to save his ass.
  16. Haha, the people around him? HE FINANCED A FUCKING DOG FIGHTING RING!

    He should be blamed for what he did and go to jail for what he did.

    Just because he gets paid millions upon millions of dollars to play a fucking game doesn't mean he should get any special treatment.
  17. classic right-wing response

  18. Um, I disagree with him as well, but where do you get right wing from? He said nothing political in nature, methinks your a paranoid liberal. :confused:
  19. How could you even compare a human life to a dogs life? Thats totally stupid and just irrelevant.

    Also, I never once said I agreed with it, just that I dont give a fuck because they arent my dogs.

    One more note, I would give you some +rep pete, but it wont let me. Ill hit you on the rebound though. :p
  20. im just saying the selfishness of that comment reminds me of a conservative mentality...and yes im a very paranoid liberal..how could you tell? hahaaaaa

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