Michael Phelps + Pot = 8 gold medals?

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  1. already been posted alot ;_) sorry
  2. haha "At one point someone asked him if he wanted to smoke some weed. Michael didn't hesitate and headed to a small back room, where he was immediately handed a big red bong. He grabbed the bong and a lighter and ripped a huge smelly bong rip."

    The source continues, "He knew exactly what he was doing. He looked just as natural with a bong in his hands as he does swimming the backstroke"

    Good shit my man.
  3. I knew he had a secret to his fish like skills..
  4. Where can i see the actual photo?:smoking:
  5. ya but this is the first post i seen where he actually admits its authentic.

    see kids, if you smoke weed you can accomplish anything :hello:
  6. Is that a roor he's got in his hand? If so i bet roor is enjoying the free advertising.
  7. haha i would love to party with michael phelps. that would be awesome
  8. that's fucking awesome, haha I love micheal phelps even more now
  9. swimming while high does feel amazing:smoking:
  10. haha i dedicate this thread to anyone who says weed makes you less motivated or messes up your life!
  11. I LOL'd so hard when I heard about this. And that indeed is a ROOR he's using, hahah.
  12. I've actually met him and talked to him way before he was famous. When he was 14 he swam with my bro at NBAC(North Baltimore Aquatic Club) and they swam against each other, and my brother was friends with him. And, i talked to him before i even had a clue about him going to the olympics.
  13. Imagine the lung capacity the guy has... I bet he'd have no problem clearing a 3 footer.
  14. yea and probly still hold that shit for a minute!
  15. If Michael Phelps, the second coming of christ does it, it MUST be leagalized. :hello:
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    prohibition obviously isnt working if guys like phelps are toking up. :smoking:
  17. Michael Phelps + Lazy Stoner Sterotype = Epic Fail. :smoking:

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