Michael Phelps Diet

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  1. He's still a growing boy lol. Besides, he probably burns more than that in the pool.

    But yeah, thats a crazy number of cals.
  2. he eats 6x the daily recommended amount!!
  3. This dudes eating habbits are more popular then oprah right now

    Everyone and their mom is telling people about him

    I bet those 700+lb people arent impressed with mr phelps skills....
  4. That dude is an extreme machine.....

    I always wonder what kind of package olympic swimmers have;):p
  5. another amazing fact.
  6. Almost every athlete in the olympics is taking in a massive ammount of calories! Phelps burns an incredible ammount of energy. He has hours of warm up, then the race, and then hours of cool down laps.
  7. haha yeah. it has been all over the television, radio and internet. the guy is the most famous person in the world right now. him and his little ipod.
  8. hahaha thats exactly what I said when he first came out "hey hes got an ipod" prob being paid by apple to use it publicly.
  9. haha hes probably blazed for a long bit of his day.

    vaporizer? thatd work out for him.
  10. [​IMG]

    12,000 Calories? There's a happy guy!
  11. People count calories?


    /munches down a Grilled Stuft Burrito
  12. I was watching the training of the olympics, they all eat like that, and the people in charge of there diet tells them to eat more with the amount of each exercise.
  13. jesus christ he's a fucking eating machine.

    but he needs all those calories cause swimming takes a lot out of you.
  14. Man, when your in the Olympics, and especially people who play any proffessional sport or work out extensively are like machines...

    Literally, their whole day consists of diet, exercise, strength training.. etc.

    I've talked with people who bench like 300+ plus. Man, when you start to do that shit everything meal is planned to the dot. X amount of calories and fibers for breakfeast... then X amount of calories/nutrients... X amount of supplements and minerals every snack

    They dont fuck around
  15. Haha that chinese dude is like

    "Hrmm... VERY Imprwessive!" or however them chinese dudes talk.. :smoking:
  16. He should endorse fast food places, rake in even more cash. Imagine him in a Wendy's commercial: "I'm Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian in the history of the world. I am a sexy motherfucker with ripped abdonimals and flipper-like feet, but I didn't get this way for no reason. My secret success is the Frosty...creamy chocolate ice cream served chilled at a perfect 40 degree temperature. If you want to be like me, buy five of them!"
  17. he is ripped man
  18. Small package. Less resistance when swimming.
  19. Roger Federer can bench more than 350 pounds and he weighs like 160, I say that is damn good.

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