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  1. Michael Jordan = MJ = Mary Jane = Marijuana
    Joints = J's = Jordans

    Today after smoking a nice little joint, I noticed some writing on the inside of the tongue of my Jordan 1's. The Jordans are the green retro 1s. It says "April 20, 1986 - 63 points". It may just be a coincidence, but I thought it was damn cool...

    Shoes can be seen in link:
    Nike Jordan 1 Retro DMP Pack - 60+ (Bulls / Celtics) 373485-991 371381-991
  2. Yee for sneakerheads! But i don't fuck with those DMP's, flight club ftw! ;)

    But that is a weird coincidence, or is it? :smoking: I always wondered how he won his 5th championship with the flu and could jump so HIGH! Hahaha
  3. michael jordan....the dankest of the game :smoke:
  4. I had a pair of jeans and on the tag under washing instructions in small print it said "Set mind cycle at
    420" under that it said "Never hang out dry"

    Can't tell me that doesn't mean anything. I don't remember the brand but it was nothing weed related.

  5. Yup flight clubs a great site. I actually traded a pair of dunks for the 1's, I'd never buy a full DMP myself.
  6. My middle-name was inspired by him
  7. I was just watching a commercial today with MJ in it and
    I thought, will anyone ever be greater than him?

    I sat and I thought about it....
    "I guess not...damn."

  8. For real. Unless the game itself really changes, his records will be around for a looooong time.
  9. imo, no :smoke:

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