Michael Jackson Has an Auction

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  1. So the cash-strapped King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is having a public auction of some two thousand personal possessions and memorabilia from his career.

    -He has a big selection of boys underwear for sale. (lol)

    He is selling that cool glove of his (starting bid 15,000$)

    Michael Jackson Has an Auction

  2. remember the moonwalker arcade game? :smoking:

  3. wow that game really was bad ass!

    You could kill like 4 people by his throwing his hat

  4. THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY THAT EXISTED!!!!! lol.... really though? :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  5. hahaha its true i remember there was a move and he did a spin than threw the hat and knocked a bunch of bad guys out
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBmy9c-Ag7E"]YouTube - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Full Game - Part 1/3[/ame]
  7. HAHAHAHA best game EVER.
  8. i used to fucking LOOOVe that game. its so hard though, lol
    ah sega was 99% awesomeness and 1% plastic
  9. That game looks sooooo fucking cool!!!!!

    aye, better then any xbox360 games.
    unless its Geometry Wars.
  10. He must be running out of money pretty fast to do that. Doesn't he live in like Afghanistan now? Pretty funny cause over there they dont treat pedos very well... In fact if they even suspect it they chop their dick and hands off.

  11. i think you made that up lol
  12. that was very sick!:hello::hello:


    i hated that game soo much

    i could never go up/down stairs

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