Michael Hedges

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  1. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. For those who don't know Michael Hedges plays an incredibly unique solo acoustic guitar style. His songs are magic though; some of the most emotional I've ever heard. I've bought a few of his albums and now I'm just disappointed that I'll never be able to see him live as he died in a car crash a few years back. What a terrible loss to the world. This man is amazing.

    Check out these videos:

    Ragamuffin (Incredibly awesome, great way to showcase his skill)

    The Funky Avacado (Funky and crazy)

    The Happy Couple (Very emotional)

    Enjoy :smoke:.
  2. Bump. Come on guys! This guy is pretty much the best guitarist ever!
  3. I love Michael Hedges' music. he is easily one of the most underrated and best guitarists of any generation, absolute genius with the acoustic guitar. if anyone is interested in any of his music, check out his first album, "Breakfast in the Field". if you are a fan of a folky acoustic instrumentalists, he is where it's at. I know there are some Keller Williams fans on here somewhere, at least I hope so :smoke:, but anyway Keller stated that his greatest inspiration for guitar is Michael Hedges, just found it interesting because Keller is unbelievable on the acoustic as well.
  4. I've just started listening to him, but I'm amazed.

    ^^I can really tell Keller Williams got his inspiration from him. Somewhat similar. Both are completely unique though in their own awesome way.

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