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    rain water
    soil; compost, humus, local clay soil, coco and perlite
    2 gallon plastic pot
    fertilizer; squid amino acid (knf), soluble kelp seaweed powder 0-0-17, nectar for the god liquid bone meal 0-6-0, 2 times per week, earthworm leachate every 3 weeks.
    they are not all the photos because I had problems uploading the others
    january6 enero6.jpg january8 enero8.2.jpg january8 enero8.jpg january8 enero17.jpg january17 feb12.jpg feb12 feb23.5.jpg feb23 feb23.4.jpg feb23 feb23.2.jpg feb24 feb24.jpg feb18 febrero17.jpg
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  2. how do you plan on drying and curing them when they finish
  3. Hang upside download for 2 weeks I dont hace temperatura and humidity control. Curing will be in vacuum seal for 2 weeks my plan is use all for ediles no need curing I think
  4. Looking good.
  5. 4000k fisioning board at 120w, two 15w flower bulb fron sansi light
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  6. The fan leaves keep turning yellow, more than 90 percent of the trichomes are milky. I'm going to check them daily. I drastically reduced the amount of water and nutrients I was giving them, from 32 ounces of fluid per day to 8 ounces. this will be his last week 20230313_223415.jpg
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  7. Those plants are excellent, the cuts with the cloudy trichomes. One more sticky than the other. I think one needed a little more time. I learn from this, I found the two seeds in the same bud and the two plants had different phenotypes. I hope they dry well. These are the best quality flowers that I have grown. December 30 was when the seeds came out of the ground and on March 20 they were harvested. they were vegetated for 3 weeks and about 6 to 7 weeks of flowering. 20230319_214046.jpg 20230319_205649.jpg 20230319_205641.jpg 20230319_203838.jpg 20230319_203823.jpg
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