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MI: Mouth Watering Pickup.. Must See! *HQ Macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by j3nsen, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Well I think I finally hit the jackpot today. My old dealer gave me a call letting me know that one of his boys was selling real good shit for pretty cheap so we rode out there together and I met him for the first time. Finally, the grower he gets his stuff from showed up with atleast a HP of some of the most amazing bud I've ever seen. It was truly a beautiful thing haha. Anyways, I grabbed an eighth of it and just smoked a bowl and holy SHIT does this stuff pack a punch.

    I think I just found my new connect :hello: :smoking:

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  2. wat was dem prices lookin like joe?? you should give us a smoke report nice lookin buds joe..
  3. I paid $55 for it. I wish I knew the grower and got it straight from him, but I was just going through the middleman and happened to meet him.. Hopefully it won't be the last time though.

    Anyways, $55 for an eighth of shit that looks like this is great for the area. People try and push trees that look half as good as this for $60. I could easily flip this for $65-70 no problem, probably even $75 if they were dumb enough.. It's just a town full of kids with their parents money to run around and blow so they don't care about what they pay.
  4. Looks like some high quality bud friend.
  5. Very nice weed bro :)

  6. What town, West Bloomfield?
  7. looks like someone spilled sugar all over your weed man, Nah just fuckin those buds look tasty!

  8. Nah, just outside of Ann Arbor.
  9. that musta been a good day.

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