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    Ok here's the deal came across some flower from a buddy that is incredible! It's called MHP-1 I am in the western Washington region and have looked all over for this strain info, let alone a dang ol' clone. What I am trying to find out is if this is a "known" strain or one of those "house" strains and either way if someone has any clue as to where I may acquire seeds or clones. I should mention I am a MMJ patient.
  2. What does mhp stand for? a lot of people he could be making shit up....therefor you will never find a clone
  3. Already checked that out. I did as much asking around to people I know up here. The guy who had a clone grew it out and never took a cutting he got it at a MMJ farmers market and hasn't been able to find it since. As far as we know from when he got it was it came from a Washington dispensary in the south puget area. But that's as far as I can get. But thanks for looking green thumbs.

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