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  1. So with the scrog method witch is the best? I here it will effect the quality of the bud.
  2. mh is better for veg and sodium is better for flowering. get a ballast/fixture that can be used with both types . start with the mh on 24hrs a day and once you get your screen filled about 1/3-1/2 with plant switch to flower with the sodium light at 12hrs on 12 hrs off. a good place to get a hps system is Competitors Link Removed - Bliz i got a 400w mh from them for 70 dollars, and it came damn quick and so far theres been no problems with it. hope this helps. good luck
  3. Bliz, what's up? What was deleted in that thread, it says "competitors link"? I've seen references and links on this forum for a long time to lighting sources without any mod edits or comments, curious what rule was violated here. Thanks.
  4. In any event I agree with the basic advice, though I recommend a standard HPS ballast and use a MH conversion bulb.
  5. Ok were could i find a mh conversion bulb?
  6. Google "mh conversion bulb".

    They are sold at hgtsupply-dot-com, also entire grow light kits at good prices. Not sure if this will be censored.
  7. Ok so i googled mh conversion bulb and i found a nice 100 watt one from 77hydro. Will a hunderd watt setup be enuff for a one plant scrog setup?
  8. Hmm nevermind they dont make a 100 wattt mh conversion bulb, Could you private message me that website? Or could you just send me exatly what i would need(balast, fixture, bulbs, ext) Its only one plant.
  9. unless you want to cut your bulbs life to 6months and have a huge electric bill never run your MH for more than 16hrs a day and if you run for 24hrs a day non stop the plant will tire its self out and die burn in period of most bulbs is 100hrs
  10. so are you saying i dont need a mh bulb? just use a hps the whole time?
  11. That's a bunch of wrong information. 24 hours of lighting will cause a plant to die? From a bulb with 100hrs of life? No.

    You need a ballast and bulb that match wattage, a mogul socket (looks like a regular household socket but bigger), reflector, and all wiring. That website I gave you sells light kits ready to go out of the box. You can get a 250w or 400w HPS kit for about $120, or for about $170 they will add a MH conversion bulb. They also throw in a timer, which you'll need.
  12. well thats all fine and dandy but the real question was which was better.. i dont really kno but my 5 grows with two plants per grow did fine with a 250 watt hps.. and thats should be fine for both veg and flower
  13. Ok, i would like a all in one kit like you were describing but 250 watts is way to many for a small one plant grow. I was thinking of a 100 watt setup? You know were i can get one of these?
  14. Again I would try google.

    Without knowing what you'll find there, I haven't seen pre-built kits for under about 250w. You can get a HPS security light at Home Depot around 70w I believe, you'll need to do some wiring and such.

    To the question of which light is "best", I think the OP got the point that each type is best for a certain phase of the plant's growth. If you are going to use only one light all the way through the grow then definitely it should be HPS not MH. But for best results use MH during veg and HPS during flower.
  15. Hey i found this realy nice cfl light setup. If comes with two bulbs, one for veg, one for flowering. It produces 6,800 lumens. It comes from a hydroponic website. Would this work? Its only 65 dallors! If i could use this it would be great!
  16. if your gunna use CFLS just go to the store and buy CFLS they're like 5 bucks a pop and you can just put them in normal lamp sockets.
  17. Yes that could work for a small grow cab, 1-2 plants at most. What is the wattage on that set-up?

    You could also build something simple with multiple lower wattage CFLs as growbo said. Household CFLs are even cheaper than that now. I've seen CFL 4-packs for $10.
    Then rig it up with various sockets, lighting fixtures, and wiring from Lowes/Ace/Home Depot.
  18. Is it from stealth hydro? If so I think its a rip off, i got some from there and they're not worth nearly the price they sell for. Also one of the bulbs was damaged and they wouldn't replace it
  19. Ya it is from that website, so if its a crappy as you say than scratch that idea. Maybe i will just go with my original plan with the security hps 100 watt. The only problem i have with that is it doesent come with any type of fixture. They sell sockets but no reflector. I guess i could just make one.
  20. I sent stealth hydro a email about the cfl's and this is there reply

    All of our CFL light kits (Dual Spectrum and Multi Spectrum series) will work very well for your task. It basically comes down to available lumens; the majority of plants will yield in accordance to how much light is provided. The age old saying;"what you put in is what you get out"; bears true here.

    So, it basically comes down to your available budget. Bang for the buck, you can't go wrong with the Dual Spectrum 65, however, if you can afford the Dual Spectrum II, or the Multi Spectrum light bank you'd be better off in the long run.'''

    It sounds like a pretty good deal to buy one of these but if you say there crap than i wont get one.

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