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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by tbirdgreen, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. my 600 w hps just burnt out i was wondering for the first 2 weeks of flower can i use the mh bulb till i get paid then switch to the hps again?
  2. Totally...

  3. okay i have the mh continuing the 12/12

  4. Just use the MH for the entire flower cycle.
  5. Metal halide is the blue spectrum and high pressure sodium is is the orange like the sun.

    i only asked about the mh because my hps burnt out.

    you can't flower with a mh...........i don't believe it would yield as much as a proper hps.

  6. If its the same wattage bulb, you won't even notice the difference...

  7. Well, as someone who has done both many times, I can tell you its bullshit. If someone tries to tell you that, find out why they think that, and if they say HPS has more red in it... ask them why that matters. It doesn't. The difference in red/blue from HPS/MH has no effect on the phytochromes that trigger flowering. Blue light has a shorter wave length and has more energy...


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