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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TATtheHOOD, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Could someone explain the differences between HPS and MH. And I'm a complete noob so break it down into idiot terms for me please. Thanks.
  2. ...the spectrums are different, or color. MH puts off blue light, most growers like to use the MH for the veg stage of growing....HPS puts off a red light, mimics the fall sun, most growers flower their plants under HPS.....some growers mix it up and use a combo of them both during one, or both stages of growth...they'll both produce bud but the HPS will put off more lumens and par than the MH, so the HPS is said to make bigger/ better buds.
  3. So what should I use from sprout to flower? I have both MH and HPS and some big CFLs. I haven't started yet and this is my first grow. Just lookin for some good advice
  4. theory, you should use the cfl's for seedlings, MH for veg, HPS to bud them.
  5. theory? U say this like u know a better way?
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    ...I should add that you can germinate, veg and flower with just the cfl, but you'll get small buds. can also use the MH to germinate,veg and flower but to germinate with MH you would not want to have the light close at all since it's so'd need to raise the light about 3-4 feet away from the young ones and lower the light as the plant ages....the same is for the HPS as the MH.
  7. start this video at 17:46

    [ame=]High Times Presents Jorge Cervantes: Grow Film - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Thanks man I appreciate the help and Ur patience.
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    I personally germinate and veg with several 23watt t-8 fluorescents....then I flower with dual spectrum bulbs, which are a little more expensive but they are a MH/HPS combo bulb (blue and red)

    ----> these
  10. That's cool but I'm going with the supplies I already have. I'm only doing 4 plants in my closet %100 for personal use. I can't justify spending another 150 bucks when I already have hundreds of dollars worth of lights that seem like they would work well. I appreciate the advice tho and I may invest in one for my next grow.
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    You can veg with mh, hps, or cfl. Personally I wouldn't use cfls at all if you have better lighting.

    If you don't mind changing bulbs, veg with mh and flower with hps. If you don't want to change the bulb, go with hps from the get go.

    Hid light is fine for seedlings as long as your heat is under control.
  12. wow this thread answered all my questions! but one more. I have an mh an hps and some cfl's. would it be good to use the cfl's and the mh during veg? or should i JUST use the mh... 400w btw
  13. Sure, you can use the MH and the CFLs at the same time, so long as you can manage the heat. CFLs are great to use for side lighting.
  14. i have a dimmable ballast system and it came with an MH and HPS light.. can i use both lights in this system??

  15. You bought a digital... what size?

    If 600 then prolly no...400 or 1K, then yes both bulbs should work

  16. its a 400w, so yes?
  17. If 600w why not?
  18. They do not make 600 MHs anymore.

    GE has to retool a factory to make the they only do it for a few weeks, every few years. And as of '10 they've quit making em

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