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  1. I found this for sale near me. $45 for the ballast, reflectors and bulb. Will these be good to grow with?

    Used in Great Shape - Lithonia "Hi-Tek" Low Bay Light Fixtures - 250W Metal Halide
    I have a quantity of 14 of these. Price is each or make offer for all.
    These are Lithonia Hi-Tek # TH250M TB HSG (ballast housing), with #PA22E Series Reflector and #PR22 GL Glass Diffuser Lens.
    These were in a store for a short time and taken down during remodel. All were working fine when taken down.
    Lamps are included. Multi-Tap Ballast. Comes with a 3' rod w/ swivel mount.


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  2. MH light systems or Metal Halide are good for Vegative growth, but so good for Bloom or Flowering, HPS are better for this.
    But is sounds ok
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    So if I got some of these MH lamps I could use them to veg. Then, if HPS is not an option, would it be better to flower under the MH lamps for use 2700k CFLs?

    Oh and I'm not sure it matters too much but the plan is 4ish auto white dwarf plants in a cabinet, 2-3 gallon pots, soil.

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  4. Keep in mind the ballasts are likely built-in = HEAT
  5. True, I will have ventilation though, I just didn't mention it.

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  6. I use lights similar to those, and the units are more than two feet tall and get hot. I have to have my light bar at least four feet in the air, and the lights are heavy (20+ pounds each)

    I'm not sure how well they'd work in a cabinet, because of the weight, size and heat.

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