MH in a regular house hold socket

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  1. would this work? Please answer asap:wave:
  2. No dude, there are reasons HID's use a mogul base. Ur kind of asking if you can put the wheels and tires from ur Schwinn 18 speed on ur Ferrari and still expect it to stick to the road when your going 150mph.
  3. even if its a 100 watt?
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    Well you caught me before I pulled my head out of my ass this morning, but in retrospect, the lamp goes in whatever type of socket it's got. DUH bhp, :)! So I guess if you've got a lamp with household socket then it screws into a household base. I'm guessing you have a ballast for this lamp already???

    (EDIT: I guess I should say that I personally have never seen an HID lamp with a household base, hence my original take. If you happen to have one a stand corrected, but I'd be suprised that this type of configuration would qualify for the UL listing indicative of safe electrical equipment.)
  5. lol no man... i havent bought anything yet but im liking the results of MH.. i've been told CFLs arent great and stuff..
  6. OK....yeah dude, no go there. Noble thought, but an HID light system needs a ballast before even touching upon the light or socket situation. Just plugging one in to 120v and throwing the switch won't be a real happy result for you. :)

    So assuming you've got your ballast, you could DIY a reflector using a mogul socket and a chunk of lamp cord, but any reflector you buy will have the appropriate base and lamp cord.

    Additionally, MH is great if you are going to be willing to switch to an HPS once flowering starts, but if you want one lamp to go the whole way, go HPS all the way through.
  7. theres a ballast that has both hps and mh... so the ballast is like a box that converts watts and stuff?

    PLT 1000MA48TK
    1000 Watt - Metal Halide Ballast - ANSI M47/H36 - 4 Tap - Power Factor 90% - Max Temp. Rating 100 Deg. C - Pre-Wired - Includes Oil Filled Capacitor and Bracket Kit - PLT 1000MA48TK
  8. Ballasting is complicated, but suffice it to say that it provides a lamp with a special set of electrical paramaters that it requires to run.

    Your standard incandescent light bulb has the parameters of needing a supply of 110-120volts at 60 Hz (in US). Not horribly complicated there, so the standard lamp socket works fine.

    An HID light is a more complicated beast and requires special conditions at special times (ie startup) so a ballast is required to supply this.

    If you are interested in the deets, Wiki's got a decent enough description:

    Electrical ballast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yeah, that will basically work, but that deal still needs to be assembled and wired up. Needs more stuff to make it happen. Try something like this and make your life a whole lot easier (a 250, but at the smaller end of things):

    Lumatek 250W Digital Ballast HPS/MH 120V/240V

    Just one example of a million options out there, but buy the time you spend the money to DIY a ballast, buying one outright is not much more expensive and you will get much better performance for the money spent......not even touching the subject of safety and the necessity of knowing what you are doing.

    Although I'd recommend buying an engineered one if you can, a DIY reflector has much less potential downside. If you are looking to save money on the deal you can do it there, but don't skimp on the ballast if you can avoid it.
  9. whoa man this.. sounds too complicated lol! What lights are you using?
  10. Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector w/ cordset

    Incredible value
    Super lightweight
    European made high performance specular aluminum
    Wide and bright light delivery
    Color packaging
    5 year warranty on reflective materials

    Lamp holders & lamp cord pre-installed ready to use
    Reflector Size: 12-1/2"H x 19-3/4"W x 6-1/2"L
    Accepts: Sodium 400, 430, 600, 1000 - Halide 400, 1000

    use that with the ballast and bulb? and i would be good??

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