Mh + hps or hps by itself

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Irie67, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Ive got a new lumatek 1000W dimmable hps/mh. I'm debating about weather to buy a 600w mh bulb and a 1000w hps bulb and use the 600 mh for veh and 1000w hps for flower. Or should i just buy the 1000w hps and use it all the way through the grow (dimming it for veg to 600W). Ive always just used hps in the past and its always worked great. Im just wondering if its worth it to buy 2 bulbs. Im also reading MH runs hotter and Im not excited about that.

    Suggestions on bulbs? website to buy bulbs? Im looking for a good bulb for a great price here, not necessarily the best bulb on the market.
  2. I have dual spectrum hps and still use mh for veg, nothing beats mh imo..
  3. If you can get both MH and HPS, and make it work, do it.

    If not, the hps will work throughout the entire grow, better than MH alone.

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