MH And HPS lights.

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  1. im recently new to growing but ive watched things and read things to make me not a dumby. im got a question what is better for veg. a HPS or MH? Whats better for Flowering HPS or MH? ive got a 600 watt HPS that ive been using for veg. for about 5-6 weeks and seems to be going good.
  2. MH to veg
    HPS to flower
    but if what your doing is working i would say roll with it
  3. MH for veg and HPS for flower...

    But if you can run both MH and HPS at the same time you are mimicking nature :rolleyes:
  4. what ur doing is working great.
    but if u can afford it sure its nice and better.but like u said its good now.

    MH bulbs help leaves grow and have shorter inter nodes in veg.
  5. dpends on how long for veg. mh has better colour being blue. but it also has way lkess lumens and burns off fsater. hps has way more lumens and with most now has blue also in it. i just ran a comparison on this and saw no diff for a shorter veg time. id go with more lumens and use hps all the way. lots say hps will make them stretch but thats if they run them to far away
  6. yeah i think i might just roll with it then after harvest get the switchable ballest.
    only reason ive been using the hps is because i got a 600 watt bulb with the sunleaves hood and the sunleaves hps ballest for a 100 dollar bill brand new in the box.
  7. i veg with a 1000MH and a 250W 2700k (red light) for flowering haha.
  8. wow why such a small hps??

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