MGW bongs!

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  1. Does anyone know anything about MGW? I am trying to find a website or something so I can order some more!

    Just got a 18" beaker, ice catcher, glass on glass diffused downstem (slotted) and I love it!! I consider myself a seasoned toker and I have hit lots of different bongs and she hits amazing! MGBonginator :hello: I will get some pics up as soon as I can.
  2. mgw makes some quality tubes man. pics?
  3. I am out of town right now but I will when I get back to my place. :) Mine is a beaker but their tubes are so bad ass! I love the inline diffusers on them! MAGICAL! (said with a fake rasta accent)
  4. I do not believe there is an online shop to purchase MGW's, regardless, nice pic up on the MGW welcome to the family, i have a worked rasta mgw and just picked up one of there new circ/ 6 -arm style tubes as well, cant be happier especially for the value for you get for the dollar with them
  5. I picked up one of there AC's and for the money I couldnt have been happier.
  6. I cant wait to get mine!

    Mine is a rasta MGW as well :D thats pretty legit
  7. Does anyone know where MGW waterpipes are made? I just bought a rasta one and am very pleased with it. Just wondering if anyone knew where the glass came from.
  8. They're from upstate NY.
  9. Picked up an MGW showercap to 9 arm about 3 months ago and I love it. Smooth smoke and great quality piece. Never seen them online though.
  10. They are on alt. I wouldve searched there first anyways
  11. I've owned 2 MGW bongs, both the same bong but with different designs
    27 inches, stemless with showerhead and 2 9 arm percs, I've never hit a better bong

    My first MGW

    She had an accident :' (




    and the ascatchers, first is an MGW 7 arm, second is SYN with diffused downstem and the 3rd is a medicali inline


    even though the first one broke, it's still a sick brand and I love the pieces, which is exactly why I bought the same one again
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    ^Haha I have the same tube as yours, but with no tree percs.


    This one's a video, click it to get to Photobucket.
  13. nice vid, cleared in an instant.

    hey kannabisking, how'd your first mgw break?
  14. It got knocked over, the top perc hit the floor and basically exploded, which sucked because that was a replacement for my first bong. i still have the top half, I'm gonna drill a hole in one of the ice pinchers and turn it into a steamroller
  15. My friend has an MGW 2 foot beaker bottom. He wants to sell it for $250. Should I buy it for that price?

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