--MGW 18" Straight Tube, Weekend milks--

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  1. Hey all. I just got this MGW 18" Straight Tube about a week ago from Frolic in PA. Nothin great, diffused down stem and pinches. Deff. an upgrade from my last one.

    So I got some alright headies finally this week and thought I would post some hits tonight and tomorrow night.

  2. nice milk! do you have any pics so we can see the whole piece?
  3. I have one of it, my camera isn't very good but oh well...

    I'll try and get better pics this weekend sometime.

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  4. Well it's 3:20 AM and I'm finally able to start smoking, Mom decided to drop in for the weekend so been waiting till we "go to bed".

    Trying to take as good of a hit without goin to cough island cause there's like only a door and a few feet in between here and where mom's sleepin. However, I'm used to just smokin mids so it's nice to finally start gettin some good hook ups in the city. So much smoother smokin bud.

    Here's a few hits, prolly ganna smoke up a lot tomorrow night since she's leavin, hopefully get some nice milk shots. Prolly ganna hit up my other piece tomorrow too, it's nothing special but I like it.

    [ame=http://s287.photobucket.com/albums/ll138/rob682e/Fun/?action=view&current=J6-71.flv]Fun :: J6-7.1 video by rob682e - Photobucket[/ame]
  5. fill that bitch up with ice homie
  6. nice pick up man, welcome to the MGW family, and i see you got yours at frolics as well ;)
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    Yeah, I'm sorry lol...just with Mom bein here and all, she doesn't care I smoke but I still feel that I don't need to be carryin my pieces around and smokin in front of her.

    Yeah, I feel that I overpaid a bit at $175. They didn't really seem friendly at all there, maybe it was just us, I onno. I would think at $175 for a straight tube they could have thrown in a nicer bowl at least, but I onno, I'm not a seasoned glass buyer, yet.

    edit...By the way Rsta, I remember when you posted the MGW and the Heavy hitter, that black rasta tube is so sick, can't wait to buy something like that.

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