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  1. Anyone here a fan of the band "MGMT"? I've been listening to them since Climbing to New Lows and they have really blown up fast. Hopefully the main stream-ness doesn't ruin their style. They recently put out Congratulations and I am in love with it. I wasn't a huge fan of the whole pop sound in the song Kids, so I love this album a lot more than OS.
  2. mgmt is awesome, they are really cool people, congratulations is my favorite album of theirs so far, the more experimental/psychedelic sounding they get the better!

    i really like this video from their college days (there are a bunch more from house parties and whatnot, check them out if you havent they are pretty funny).

    [ame=]YouTube - MGMT - Funky Legal Beats[/ame]
  3. what are they called?

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