Mgmt anyone....

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  1. Anyone listening to mgmt ... Check them out theyre awesome very original too
  2. I like a few of their songs, off of their first album. Haven't listened to any of their newer stuff, though.
  3. They’re really unique check out Electric Feel MGMT amazing song
  4. Mgmt is pretty chill, u should check out this though.

    [ame=]Sharks Keep Moving - Jet's Jet - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Kids seemed like the only song in the world a few summers back.

    The first album was awesome, haven't listened to the second one yet.
  6. Their old stuff is great, their new stuff is shitty. Really shitty actually. What the fuck was with that Congratulations album?

    They had some good songs that weren't on albums as far as I know. Their best songs are without doubt Love Always Remains, Indie Rokkers, Destrokk, and a few others.
  7. I haven't heard Congratulations album yet, but I love 4th dimension transition, time to pretend, and the handshake off oracular spectacular. If i ever get a chance to see them live i'm there
  8. im listening to the electric feel now and i will enjoy my highness incorporation without the soul. i even used spell check!
  9. Brace for disappointment then =(
  10. Guys dont get into tht mainstream bullshit ( KESHA RHIANNA LIL WAYNE ) OH GOD I FEEL SO BAD HOW IS THIS HAPPENING ANYWAYS LISTEN TO SOME REAL MUSIC HAHA ERRYONE HAS THEIR OPINION I GUESS...Animal Collective - My Girls (2009) - YouTube!
  11. o_O

    Occasionally a band is so good that they get into the mainstream media because people actually realize they're good as fuck. MGMT might be an example of such a band. What makes a good band even better is when they can deal with mainstream success and still put out great music that doesn't really cater to mainstream audiences.. Which MGMT failed to do.

    If you like MGMT, you will probably like Phoenix. They're good as fuck. They caught mainstream success with their songs Listzomania(sp? Fuck I forgot how to spell it) and 1901.. Still even with hitting it big, they're good as fuck.

    Hell Modest Mouse went mainstream kinda and they still keep shit real

    edit-here's a Phoenix song for reference. If you like MGMT you'll probably like these guys even more haha.

  12. [ame=]Animal Collective - My Girls (2009) - YouTube[/ame] OMG AMAZING SONG

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