Mgmt and radiohead fans... A word

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  1. Two bands that are okay but pretty popular however everybody that listens to them feels like they are super indie. Anyone else feel like this?
  2. ha i am that
  3. I was never aware that indie was a feeling.

    However, I don't think anyone that listens to either of those bands should feel entitled to proclaim their tastes as super "underground". They're both all right though, radiohead more so.
  4. mgmt ranks 10 for their good novelty
  5. They have a certain indie snobby attitude
  6. I feel bad that some shallow image concern is tainting your experiencing of music this beautiful.

    [ame=]YouTube - Radiohead Pyramid Song Live (perfect audio)[/ame]
  7. exactly, radiohead happens to make beautiful music, you shouldnt let popularity or the fans "image" effect your view of them:)
  8. i love the fuck out of both.
  9. I've never heard anybody claim that Radiohead is indie or that they themselves are "indie" for listening to them.
  10. I dunno, but I went to see who this MGMT band is and their website made me have flashbacks. :eek:
  11. I do listen to both, and you guys are obviously not in high school
  12. School is for fools!

    Look at me!

  13. I think Radiohead graduated from "indie" to "best band in the world" a few years ago.

    MGMT is still relatively unknown, but they've blown up on the college music scene in the last year or so.

    Not sure why it matters, really. If you like their music, listen to them. Who gives a shit if they're "indie"?
  14. I honestly never listen to either of them; but the other week I was tripping at my mates, super baked as well, and he put on radiohead. I was just lying there, on the ground, with closed eyes, appreciating that beautiful music. it's definitely different to anything else I've ever heard. I really dig it. i should get some albums..
  15. I listen to both bands, and i can honestly say I feel like I'm just a regular guy. I prefer indie rock though over all the bullshit thats played on the radio these days in our society. Gahh! If I hear one more Jonas Brothers song...
  16. Forget it you guys don't get what I'm saying
  17. MGMT is a great band. Totally a band that everyone should check out.

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