mg deficiency - phosphorus overload? opinions needed

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  1. This is a clone that has roots growing out of the bottom of the cup the new growth is turning up into a taco and the old growth is cupping down on the center blade

    The light is a daylight CFL and 7-8" above it

    Before it rooted I was watering plain water I watered for about a week with 1/3 strength lucas/gh foranova bloom yesterday and today I watered with full strength lucas

    water is always at a ph of 5.9-6.0

    It's growing in coco in a red solo cup
  2. Hate it when I submit before I upload pics
  3. ... third time is the charm

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  4. they look healthy to me man.

    the curling and tacoing is most likley pH related. it doesnt look bad though - your pH may be off just a slight tid bit.

    if it is a deficiency, the new yellow growth looks like a micronute deficiency. ide say iron or sulfur. dont add any untill you know for a fact your pH is 5.6-6.0 . growing in coco is like hydro; a constant monitor on the pH.

    now, i now your water may be set at that, but your root zone pH can be totally different. people that make coco coir harvest coconuts, take the edible parts out, and throw the shells in a salt water pool/tank/whatever. the salt water makes the coco easier for them to chop up & work with. they usually dont flush all that sodium out of the coco. it would be wise to let the coco soak overnight to try and leech out that excess sodium. just a heads up for next time, if you didnt know all that about coco. cocos great stuff, great for the enviornment, and a pain in the ass to prepare. lol.

    if you would like to know how to test the pH of your soil, click here.
  5. Imo, you have over and under waterd and the plant is.tryn to uptake moisture at different rates. Indoing so you have locked out some key elements wich have lead to your skinny growth and discolor up top. Should be greener. Id recommend flushing your plant properly and watering less more often. And only nute water every other water. Flush every five weeks or implement a clerex type of system for salt leaching. 420!

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