MG & 2x150W HPS Closet Grow

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  1. Here's an update from a recent change from FoxFarm Soil to MG Organic.. I am also using a MG bloom boster again along with the FF Big Bloom.. Havent had any yellowing issues, nute burns or any other problems that i have been used to FF brand..

    These Skunk girls are at 7 weeks.. Flush begain today.. Since these are clones from the same strain for the past 2 years.. They finish up pretty quick.. Recent history has shown that any later than 8 weeks they begin downsize.. All milky is the money for these girls for sure.. One puff bout knocks your teeth in.. :metal:

    Gonna use the 48-72 hour dark time before harvest to see if it makes much of a difference..

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  2. Day 2 (48) hour dark period.. Still counting.. Got 24 hour left before harvest.. I will update pictures to see differences in "72 Hour Dark Before Harvest" from pics posted before lights off..

    Just peaking in today i've notice considerable swelling along with pistols turning red and drawing back.. Tomorrow should know for sure.. :smoke:
  3. very exciting
  4. I'm so jealous! Enjoy the harvest!
  5. Ended up harvesting last night.. At the 48 hour dark period mark.. Totally forgot to take snap shots before hand.. But this is what i ran accross..


    1. The buds in fact swell more than i had anticipated leaving lights off compared to harvesting without dark period..


    1. If you have any doubt that your strain can hermie from any sort of stress, i would avoid this technique..

    End Result

    Nice, dense smelly buds.. While trimming, 2 hermie flowers fell out onto the table.. Dont know where they came from but i doubt it was long enought to do any harm since no seeds where found while trimming.. But if you're like me, that is still to much of a chance of seeding up my girls..

    Hope this helps add to the debate of 48-72 hour dark period before harvest..

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