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  1. I've had my mflb for about 5 months now and the batteries (not surprisingly) only hold a 2 trench charge. I read that you can use a NiMh battery that's over 2000mah so I went out and bought a 4 pack of rechargeable Duracell 2450mah batteries (in picture) and I can't get them to work.. Wrong batteries? Or is there a trick to this I don't get. I also took the sticker off of one battery to see if that would help but it didn't.

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  2. You must remove the entire sticker from each battery before using it. Then make sure the positive end(?) or the battery in general never comes in contact with metal
  3. This^^^ I did this with a few energizer's :p
  4. What about wrapping them in electric tape??
  5. Why would you do that?

    Just strip them completely, or do what I do and strip them down to the point where only bare metal goes into the battery compartment.

    Or get a power adapter and change the experience completely :smoke:
  6. Well that way you worry less about metal contact
  7. You can get the little end caps at hardware stores as well to negate the problem.

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