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MFLB uncertainty

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alabasterson6, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. so, I live in a 4-person apartment and am not sure how the other roommates feel about marijuana, but the prospects are pretty doubtful. I recently got a MFLB to keep the smell and super-body-stoned demeanor down. It has worked for about 6 days, but I believe my roommates are suspicious. I heard someone coming down the hall sniffing today and I exited the room after vaping+carbon sploof+ozium+eye drops and went to the kitchen for something to eat, and one of my roommates was there and acting awkwardly, and seeming suspicious. This person is a die-hard Christian and has no problem with the downfall of others for dogmatic purposes...
    The consequences are many if I am given over to the police or kicked out of the apartment... mostly college funding and living expenses.

    So am I being paranoid or do I need to take an alternate strategy? Let me know what you think.
    Mostly, what are some common places to go smoke in public that can double with seeming inconspicuous to others?

    All of my friends live on the other side of the town, 30 to 40 minutes away, so I obviously can't go over there every time I wanna vape.
  2. I think you are being paranoid and your roommate was more then likely acting strange because of something else. Unless you were acting high. The MFLB doesn't even smell like bud it's more of a burned popcorn smell.
  3. Yea, part of my uncertainty is that I have heard so many different things about the MFLB and need it cleared up.
    What my technique is now, is hold battery in for 4-5 seconds until vapor forms in the hole(native mode), without sucking in. Then, suck in, noting the temperature of the initial "sip", and try to sip every time it gets that hot.
    Is this more or less correct or is there a completely different way of doing it that allows for max.stealth.

    I really need to know this so I can play Mass Effect 3 and get stoned without worrying about dumb people, who want to grab the competitive edge at the last second(like my roommates) to defeat me(I argue a lot, and that makes them wary about me. I can't help it, its my nature to question)
  4. Unless you have some super reaky dank I dont think smell should be an issue, I used to vape in class next to all the stoners ... they had no clue.
    Vaped in the mall, the movies, the planetarium, just hold your hits in for days and you should be solid.

  5. It noticeably smells to non smokers, fact. Your taking other precausions though so it looks decent to me. Aslong as you don't have anyone around WHILE your vaping (till the ozium kicks in <15min), or your close to a window, guessing you'd be fine.
  6. Ask them if are cool with u smoking ur meds if not roll a joint take a walk or just say fuk you then:bongin:... There not ur parents there just misinformed about mmj.
  7. They can become my parents very quick, by way of 1k fines, which would in fact, leave college student me in very dire straights,having to hide this massive loss of money from my family.
    Plus I live in one of the most unfriendly states in the US.
  8. Start questioning him about acting weird, be like "are you fucking high dude? If you are you need to stop or I'll have to report you" something like that.
  9. Vape Outside! problem solved.

  10. all the weed in the world wont save you from the horrible ending
  11. If your so worried just take a walk and smoke it's not that hard to be discreet when your using a mflb. Or go to a buddies place where you know it's safe to smoke.
  12. I think that vape smell is not offensive at all. If they don't like it a fuck off or a mind your own business is in order.
  13. Why are you rooming with people THAT against mj if you're a stoner man?

    Sounds like you're pretty careful tho man
  14. Well, fuck. I decided to go big or go home yesterday to test my limits as far as what they could smell. Seriously, I had a fresh can of ozium; a candle; dryer sheets in the sploof, in the mflb tin, in my air-tight container; put more carbon in the sploof. I proceeded to get "fucked up" to put it lightly.
    After I had fallen asleep, noise woke me up, and someone flicked on the light and came walking down the hallway next to my room for about 5 minutes, sniffing the air.
    So once I got out of bed, I took all my shit out of my room. I'm gonna have to get creative, because I'm sure as shit not going to let ignorant others rule me, but I also can't get caught obviously.
    And yeah, about why I'm rooming with someone like this: good roommates are hard to come by, and sometimes you have to compromise by selecting for a little peace and quiet. I don't mesh well with 24/7 partiers, and in my city, those are basically my only choices.
  15. Walk outside or Take a drive. Honestly people aren't as wary of someone sucking on a box as your would think. People don't normally call the cops unless they are a mom "worrying" that some kid is smoking pot on her street, and thats a .01 chance.

    Think about people seeing someone getting hit by a car, they see it happen, know whats wrong, but don't want to call the ambulance because then they would be involved.

    Same goes for calling the cops on some kid. Nobody will rat on you.
  16. Whichever roommate is trying to be a detective, you need to find out. Then plot a scheme in which you somehow have them by the balls, so that they stop being so damn annoying. Or just slap a bitch
  17. Maybe they're just trying to figure out what the other smells are since you're covering so much? Try just lighting incense while you vape and tell them you enjoy incense.
  18. agree with bubbs they are probably like why is this kid spraying so much shit if he isnt trying to cover something up. then they sniff to see if they can figure out a smell you are covering.
  19. ^ Actually this. So smart. Be an asshole about it. Really. Be on their shit about it.

    Also. Smoke other places. Don't smoke where you live if the consequences are really that bad and just go somewhere off campus or with friends.

    Why risk it?

    Can you really enjoy your high if you are worried most of the time?

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