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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Eagle5220, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So i rigged up this empty tennis ball container to hold some vapor. i burnt a small hole through the side of the tube, near the bottom. i've been sticking the MFLB stem through there and blowing the vapor from the box through the stem and into the container (with the lid on). then, when i want to clear, i simply begin to inhale through the small hole (after removing MFLB) and pull the lid off to take the hit.
    my question is, is this tube efficiently holding the vapor? i know that none of it escapes out the lid. the hole for the stem is quite tight and i have my face right up to it anyways and can see that no vapor escapes. could some of the vapor be sticking to the sides of the tube as it cools? or anything like that? it does get me high, but i'm wondering about the efficiency. thanks, and sorry for the lengthy post.

  2. Sorry I don't seen much advantage from this
  3. ^^ Like a balloon.

    But unlike a balloon, I'm not sure how clean the tube is (chemical wise) and how much vapor condenses on the tube thereby losing some of the good stuff
  4. It's a fun idea and I'm sure you won't notice any difference but maybe a smaller bottle would be better?

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